Robert Plant and Mike Simonson

Hey Duluth. It’s been awhile.

Two radio-related things happened today I heard here in Madison and thought you might be interested in.

1) Robert Plant gave a nod to Duluth’s own Low in a CBC interview on their show Q (it’s towards the end).

2) WPR announced the death of Mike Simonson, a journalist for whom I have the utmost respect and enjoyed hearing on the statewide news whenever his stories showed up. He cared about reporting what needed to be reported and unpacking the news in a very authentic way. Looks like Final Edition has had its final edition. He’ll be greatly missed.

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about 9 years ago

The reason there are very few aging rockers who write better songs than they did when they were young is because the brain is shedding cells hand over fist by age 65. This is why you can't remember how to tie your shoes much less out-write yourself on Zeppelin I-7.  When the brain shrinks, it is unable to process "rawk" in the same manner it did 40 years ago. But money, fame, and an endless supply of ass-kissers who tell you anything they think you'll want to hear compels certain dudes long after they should've thrown in the towel.  The smart ones take up watercolor or scuba.  So unless your name is Neil Young and its '92, 15 years after Plant already sucked, there should be a statute of limitations. But then again, youngins today are pretty stinkin' up the court too, yet cream their jeans anyway when someone sings a half cocked song in falsetto whining about how he told some trollup to be patient. Maybe it's something in the kool-aid, or the alignment of the stars, or social media. Whatever the case, unless he's waxing wise on the best ways to prep red herring, I'll continue to take Rubber Plant's tastes with a grain of salt.  You can't have lived through everything he has without acquiring full blown dementia. Its probably a robot or his body double we're seeing.

R.I.P. Mike Simonson.

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