Duluth cross-country ski instructor recommendations?

Following up on cork1’s comment regarding taking a couple of lessons on the post about cross-country ski trails for absolute beginners … I just moved here from a flatter, warmer state and I would love to have some ski lessons. I want to learn from someone who will be patient with my ignorance and  help me build my confidence with hills. Where do I find a good teacher?


Eric Chandler

about 10 years ago

This year's sessions are already past, but DXC gives technique tips if you're still in the market next year.


about 10 years ago

DXC also puts on an annual event for new skiers, which is co-sponsored with Continental & Ski Hut, who provide the skis.

I suggest contacting either ski shop and checking the Community Education calendar. By the way, I'm forwarding your post/request to the DXC Adult Education Coordinator. There is a lot of demand for beginner-to-intermediate ski instruction!


about 10 years ago

Call (218) 726-1550
or call George (218) 310 2517


about 10 years ago

Also Day Tripper of Duluth offers lessons, as well as ski tours (they've instructed ski lessons for DXC, and I've heard positive reports from skiers.


about 10 years ago

DXC is a good option. You could think outside the box and contact Chad Salmela at St.  Scholastica and see if he had any skiers that might be good instructors.


about 10 years ago

I think Chad breathlessly yelling out instruction would be good teaching. His "fumes" phrase alone has me going an extra few K each time out.

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