September 2013 Posts

R.I.P. Mike, Mike and Tom graffiti on Central Avenue

For decades, the names of two guys named Mike and a Tom were spraypainted unceremoniously on this wall, now that has been painted over.

I’m not sure when this changed but I just noticed it today. I met the new owner of the Italian Village a month or so ago and he seems like a great guy. He also seems to be doing a lot to expand and spruce up the storefront. So today I was only a little surprised when the graffiti that was painted on the side of the building years decades ago had been covered up by what looks like will eventually be a new mural.

Here is a post by Paul Lundgren from a few years ago with some fun history and comments about the two Mikes and the Tom who had their names painted on the building. According to the comments, it has also been painted over before, so perhaps it’s not gone forever.

Video Archive: Meet the Bulldogs

In case you were wondering about the 1987 basketball team roster.

This week: live music recorded live and drunk nerds with (fake) swords, lightsabers, shuriken and sonic screwdrivers


Here’s a sampling of what you have to look forward to this week on the PDD Calendar.

One Week Live at Beaner’s, a celebration of live music being recorded, runs today through Saturday.

Mayor Don Ness invites you to meet with him one on one during Mayor’s Night at City Hall on Tuesday.

There are two events for the chattering classes this week. Nerd Nite returns to the Underground on Wednesday with presentations about martial arts, Santa Claus, and computer games. Chester Chats, modeled on TED Talks, opens at Glensheen Mansion on Thursday with presentations on public service.

Moliere’s hilarious farce, The Miser, gets the Wise Fool treatment and opens in the Harbor City Theater on Friday and runs two weekends.

The annual Pirate Ninja Jedi Trekkie Browncoat Whovian Reddwarvian Pub Crawl (otherwise known as “Pub Crawl for Indecisive Nerds”) starts at R. T. Quinlan’s on Saturday. The organizers urge you, as always, please, do not bring a real sword.

Ottertoberfest is Sunday at the Great Lakes Aquarium with accordion music and root beer! Because apparently that’s how you celebrate Ottertoberfest.

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know.

Native Duluthian Don LaFontaine was inspiration for the movie, In a World…

In a world where the greatest freshwater lake on the planet laps up on the shore of the Zenith City of the Unsalted Seas, there is now showing a movie that was inspired by the career of a native son – and nobody around here seems to notice. The movie is now showing at the downtown Zinema Theater. Check out Jim Heffernan’s Blog to get a run down about the movie, some good links to learn more about La Fontaine and to hear “the Voice of God.” And by the way … it’s a perfect movie.

Balloon Festival Update

Rainbow over Park Point

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From this afternoon.

PDD’s Best Restaurant Poll

Through the highly scientific method of asking people what they think, we developed a list of 38 nominees for Best Restaurant in the Duluth area. This poll whittles the list down to manageable list of finalists.

What is the best restaurant in the Duluth area?

Loading ... Loading ...

This poll is now closed. The four top restaurants in alphabetical order, are:

Duluth Grill
Lake Avenue Restaurant and Bar
New Scenic Café
Zeitgeist Arts Café

Lake Superior Aquaman Patrols Undersea Landscape

R.I.P. Horseshoe Billards and Burns Bar

To toss out some random bar gossip, I heard last night that Horseshoe Billiards in the West End closed a while back, and that Burns Bar in Rice Lake Township closed several months ago.

Which reminds me that I don’t think it was ever mentioned on PDD that La Belle in Superior closed earlier this summer. And I heard the roof caved in at the Palace Bar. Is that true? Is it still open?

What will we do without all these classy joints?

Gettin’ Ripped at Burns Bar
Gettin’ Ripped at Horseshoe Billiards
Gettin’ Ripped at the Palace Bar
Gettin’ Ripped at La Belle

Missing cat alert in Hunters Park / Morely Heights area

My friends cat has gotten out. It’s been gone for 48 hours now, in the area of Sussex and Leicester.

Daycare recommendations Chester Park

Does anyone have any recommendations for daycare providers in the Chester Park neighborhood?

What is the best restaurant in the Duluth area? We’re working our way up to a poll.

Next in PDD’s series of restaurant awards is probably the one we should have started with — the grand champion: the best restaurant of them all. We’ll begin this process by taking nominations in the comments to this post.

The criteria is somewhat up to you. In our previous polls there were a limited number of restaurants that could be considered “new” or “breakfast” restaurants, but virtually any restaurant in the territory is eligible to be considered “best.” And whatever makes it “best” is certainly subjective.

We expect people will lean toward fancier operations and consider money no object on this one, but if you truly feel the best restaurant in town is a cheap pancake house or burger joint, we’ll respect that. However, if you nominate a fast-food chain we’ll tell you right now it won’t be on the ballot. So here it is right up front we so can all get a good laugh: “I nominate the West Duluth KFC.” Oh, ha ha ha. Very funny.

Also, we know some of you snobs are dying to rant about how Duluth doesn’t really have any good restaurants because your advanced taste buds can barely survive outside of New York or Marrakech. Shut up.

And, of course, we must define our territory: Any restaurant in Duluth or 10 miles of its border is eligible. So establishments in Superior, Hermantown, Proctor and the various bordering townships all qualify; Two Harbors and Cloquet are out of bounds.

With all that out of the way, let’s begin. Once the nomination list reaches a satisfactory conclusion, a poll will be posted.

Fresh Hops For Sale

Hello, kind Duluthians. I have for sale three varieties of fresh hops, all picked today (Tuesday) and yesterday. Hand picked, by me, no branches, no leaves, no pesticides applied ever.

3.5# Cascades
1.2# Centennial (these smell amazing, by the way)
4 oz. nearly dry Mt. Hood

$30 for the cascades, $15 for the Centennials, $8 Mt. Hood. I will also trade for beer. E-mail me, my PDD username at gmail

Christine Hoberg — “All This Hate”

Superior native Christine Hoberg has just released this video for “All That Hate” from her new album World Within. The video was produced by Duluth-based Lakefront Films.

This week: balloons, hawks and antiques


Here’s a sampling of what you have to look forward to this week on the PDD Calendar.

There’s a panel discussion on issues surrounding ethics of voter ID laws at UMD on Tuesday.

Suspect that painting of dogs playing poker hanging in your den may be a priceless antique? Bring it to the Depot on Wednesday for a free appraisal.

Renegade Theater Company opens The Pillowman at the Teatro Zuccone on Thursday. It runs for three weekends.

Not sure who you want to elect to the school board? There’s a candidate forum at Valentini’s on Thursday.

Get ready for bad French accents and hot air balloons this weekend with the first ever Le Festival des Montgolfières à Duluth at Bayfront. Elsewhere in Duluth airspace, there’s the annual Hawk Weekend Festival with hawk watching at Hawk’s Ridge. Both festivals run Friday through Sunday.

And, if that isn’t festy enough for you, the Chester Bowl Fall Fest is Saturday.

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know.