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Jim Carlson vs. the United States of America: How will the court rule?

Last Place on Earth store owner Jim Carlson’s trial is scheduled to begin today. He’s accused of 54 55 counts of violating federal drug and regulatory laws. How many of them will stick? Perhaps you’d like to take a lucky guess. There’s a prize involved, so concentrate and read on.

More explanation below, poll question now:

How many counts of federal drug and regulatory laws will Jim Carlson be found guilty of violating?

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Following the ruling on the case, everyone who has chosen the correct number will be entered into a drawing for the prize. What is the prize? It’s a little vague, but PDD will buy you something nice at any shop located near the Last Place on Earth. Maybe you’d like a nice lunch at the Chinese Dragon, some copies at Shel-don, some tokens at Fond-du-Luth Casino or a couple Starfire Ales at Tycoons? We’ll figure it out.

Normally we turn off the commenting feature on polls, but this time we are leaving it on, because it could be interesting to get into some discussion about strategy.

It should be noted that there are three other defendants in this case, charged along with Carlson on some of the counts. For the purposes of this poll, we are considering them irrelevant.

Any changes to the ruling on appeal do not apply to this poll/contest.

Also, because this poll was recklessly hatched overnight, we reserve the right to change the rules at any point, should there be something stupid we overlooked.

Below is a copy of the indictment, courtesy of Minnesota Public Radio. Click here to read it bigger.

Free Jim Carlson

Welcome to Duluth.

(Image courtesy of Tyler Scouton.)

Lake Superior Aquaman in: A Tight Spot


Last night was another night of hipness for me.

I joined Kate VTB and Katie B for dinner at the “last Thai restaurant standing,”Sala Thai in Woodland (remember, Thai Krathong closes this week). Yummy.

Then, off to Prøve Collective. The “Transplants” show featured amazing work by Rob Adams, Ray Allard, Rodrigo Bello, Zach Gorr, Marcus Meldahl, and Aphtin Rapp. Bello did the amazing image posted at the top, and his work was worth a thousand times the price of admission. (Have I mentioned how lucky we are that events like this, with music by the Crunchy Bunch, are free?)

Prøve has an Indiegogo Campaign working to help bring it to the next level. It deserves your support. My life in Duluth would be less without its efforts.


Grants with Duluth Connections

Crystal Cerulean Lake Superior vs. Duluth Aquaman

Pollution Prevention

It’s National Pollution Prevention Week starting Sept 15. How we dispose of things and what we purchase to use all matter. The city of Superior will be hosting a speaker night on Sept 17 starting at 6 p.m. at the Superior Public Library. Speakers on e-waste, pharmaceutical disposal, lead and children, household hazardous waste, and more will be there. Also, check out the billboard up on Belknap on the left side as you go over the viaduct. It has a stormwater message and photos. Keep storm drains clear for a clean Lake Superior.

Low covers Rihanna’s “Stay”

iTunes proceeds go to Rock for Kids.

John Mark Nelson – “The Moon and Stars”

John Mark Nelson’s video, “The Moon and Stars,” shot in Duluth aboard the William A. Irvin, is getting some MTV love.

Hey! Where ya taking that there dredger?

I’ve never seen a tug this far up the shore – photo was taken from the pier at Glensheen. Anyone know where they were taking this dredger?


Duluth in Minnesota Business Magazine

A natural choice: Why Duluth is for many entrepreneurs the perfect place to plant a business

Kink in Duluth

The Onion:
Masochist dog enjoys being walked around on leash while naked

Duluth 2013 Primary Election Results

With 34 of 34 precincts reporting:

Duluth At-large City Councilor
Four candidates advance to general election; two will be elected
Barb Russ – 3,943 | 35.8%
Zack Filipovich – 3,081 | 28.0%
Ryan Stauber – 2,295 | 20.8%
Ray (Skip) Sandman – 1,175 | 10.7%
Ray Whitledge III – 525 | 4.8%

Duluth At-large School Board
Four candidates advance to general election; two will be elected
Annie Harala – 2,850 | 25.9%
Harry Welty – 2,103 | 19.1%
Nancy Nilsen – 1,948 | 17.7%
Henry L. Banks – 1,835 | 16.7%
Loren Martell – 1,175 | 10.7%
Joshua Bixby – 1,043 | 9.9%

Duluth District One School Board
Two candidates advance to general election; one will be elected
Rosie Loeffler-Kemp – 871 | 54.3%
Joseph Matthes – 454 | 28.3%
Marcia Stromgren – 278 | 17.3%

Duluth District Four School Board
Two candidates advance to general election; one will be elected
David Bolgrien – 463 | 37.6%
Art Johnston – 411 | 33.4%
Justin Perpich – 356 | 28.9%

Red Plan versus Let Duluth Vote?

For those us who are new here, having only lived in Duluth for a decade or less, can any of you proud professional Duluthians add any clarity to this murky and mysterious topic?

I’m sure it goes deep, and emotions run high, and minds are made up, but I can’t seem to find any unbiased sources that describe what has exactly happened here. The available info, that which surfaces when one Googles the keywords seem somewhat scrambled and wishy washy, or Bud Lightish, considering the impact and money involved. So, who are the good guys? Who is right? What’s the deal with Johnson Controls? And did the deal have anything to do with Duluth’s irascible money woes back when taxes spiked when the JCI took control? Also, seeing as how I heard a couple of old timers complaining about this too, is the recent sewage water runoff charge mega increase on city utilities somehow all tied to this, or the casino? Is it starting to read like a Tarantino script? Help the undereducated non-native tax-paying simpletons like myself get up to speed on this complex matter. Thanks.

Mean Beans Espresso & Creams

I just moved into the Chester Area and have noticed that Mean Beans hasn’t been open for the past couple of days. Does anyone know if they have closed the doors for good?