Video Archive: David Lee Roth 1987 Duluth Concert Promo

There’s already a post on PDD about the two Van Halen shows in Duluth, so here’s some love for ol’ Diamond Dave … or as the TV spot says “Dynamite.”



about 10 years ago

I'd like to cast a vote for Rock Clown being one of the best all-time links on PDD.  Got me to realize that a guy has to be pretty coked out of his gourd to be forcing his blaze green jumpsuit cock in other men's fly zones.  That said, his flexibility was admirable and has me wondering if it was mostly genetic.  No dude spends that much time on his groinal axis.


about 10 years ago

Herzog, Justin, Rock-Clown-Creator, et al:  First of all, Diamond Dave has cool bumblebee spandex pants on, not tacky blaze green cock show off pants.  Second of all, DLR is clearly performing the Microphone-Stripper-Pole moves, not the cocaine-ski-moves that you so slanderously assert.

These are the subtle differences that kept DLR from becoming a caricature. That is, until the "Ice Cream Man" unfortunate video incident.

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