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Real Shorts — Ray and the Bees

Ray Lopez is a beekeeper. And he’d probably be willing to help you keep bees, too.

Part of the Real Shorts series telling true stories in under two minutes.

Listening to Steve O’Neil

More than 15 years ago, Minnesota Public Radio aired a half-hour documentary about Loaves and Fishes here in Duluth. This was not long after Steve O’Neil and Angie Miller had started the first Loaves and Fishes house.

Stephen Smith produced the story. It includes lots of audio from Steve and Angie. You can listen to or download it here.

Trying to pay for my local paper

I called the Duluth News Tribune a couple of weeks ago to ask if I could give them some money. They said no.

Since then I’ve sent a couple of emails and made more phone calls. The poor folks in the circulation department think I’m a crank. I’m not. I just want to pay for the local news I consume.

I told them I don’t want a paper edition of the News Tribune any more. I told them I’m no longer willing to stuff pounds and pounds of newsprint and glossy ads into paper bags each week.

I don’t want you to bring the paper to my door, I told them, because I read the paper online now. I want to pay you for that, I said.