A not-so-perfect Duluth day in 1869

Because it’s fun to write about crime if it’s more than a hundred years old, I submit for your reading pleasure an article on Duluth’s first murder.

Writing it made me think of this a lot:

Gangs of New York



about 11 years ago

I wonder if the Philadelphia Roughs had cool outfits like Daniel Day-Lewis.  And top hats.  Why don't gangstas wear top hats anymore?

Les L

about 11 years ago

They wouldn't have stood a chance against the Raleigh St. Bunch of Bob Whiskey and BoBo Galeski (sp?) in the mid 1960s. Your results will vary.


about 11 years ago

Been thinking about the old days myself.  Spent the weekend chest deep in the Wisconsin forests south of Hayward, where a man with the same name scalped once virgin White Pine forests with the help of others in the name of Manifest Destiny, and where a few of these old giants still tower over glaciated hills.  And with the help of a few good recent netflix tales, can only begin to imagine the barbarism bloated men like these engaged in before the booze beef and cigars took them out, permanently altering the land we continue to change today.

  As this particular area was no doubt once sacred to the natives (there is a lost pipestone quarry nearby), on quiet starlit nights you can readily imagine under a vast pine canopy, these civilizations that prospered for centuries, before a swarm of disease, bigotry, and pestilence overtook them and the trees, and a hardwood forest of maples oak birch and poplar grew in their place.  I like me a good oak or maple tree in the fall though.

Tony D.

about 11 years ago

Emmadogs, Heidi's description of the man convicted of the murder includes "He didn't dress like a common workingman, but always wore a fine frock coat."

Heidi writes for us monthly at Zenith City Online. Her "What's in a Name?" column explains where our streets, creeks, parks, etc., got their names. Catch up with all her installments here.


about 11 years ago

Raleigh has really gone soft, according to a Sept. 3 city press release: On Thursday the Raleigh Edison School will hold their annual "Bully Free Block Party." To facilitate this event, 59th Avenue West will be closed to vehicle traffic from Raleigh Street to Main Street from 3:30 p.m. to approximately 7 p.m. Drivers are urged to use caution when driving the area of the event.

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