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Cult Trailer – A Feature Film Shot in Duluth

Over the summer, I shot my first feature-length film. I made sure to feature some shots of the city in the trailer. I hope you enjoy it!

Cult auditions June 14 from noon to 3 p.m.

I know it’s short notice to post this here, but the audition scenes are pretty short (1-2 pages) and it really isn’t that intensive of a process. If you are interested in any of the roles, shoot me an email and I’ll send you the location and scene!

Cult – Feature film to be shot in Duluth

Hi, my name is Lance Karasti. I’m currently working on a feature film about an extremist cult that is manipulated by their insane leader into performing a group suicide. Two of the members try to stop it and break down how things got that bad. The film examines many themes, and is a character study of the cult leader.

It is my goal to make a cinematic feature film in the city that I love. Any support and help spreading the word will go a long way and be greatly appreciated. This has always been something that I’ve wanted to do and I’ve finally assembled the right crew to do it. Now we just need your help!

For more information check out the kickstarter.

Silent Ninja – A short film shot in the wilderness of Duluth

This was originally going to be a web-series but I managed to recut everything and make a much more concise and hopefully entertaining short film.


I shot episode 6 of my ninja web series at Lester River

This is pretty boring, but I love seeing the river in black and white.

I made real explosives for the Ninja web series we are shooting in Duluth!

A bear hid in a dumpster at the WDIO building. I got some close up footage!

Small Town Killer Episode 2

This episode has a chase scene through the Skywalk and Canal. Hope you enjoy!

Web series about a blogger and assassin based in Duluth!

Hey everyone, I recently moved back to Duluth from Hollywood and I’ve begun work on this web-series. Check out episode 1 and subscribe if you like it! Enjoy!

Fictional Short Film About Martin Scorsese

My name is Lance Karasti. I have recently returned to Duluth after living in Hollywood for the past 2 years. This was my thesis film. I’m hoping to make a feature film in Duluth, as well as a handful of short films.

The short film is based on a Hollywood rumor about Martin Scorsese. He got the idea to change the color of the blood at the end of “Taxi Driver” in order to get out of an X rating. This film is a fictional version of how he got that idea.

This was shown in the Sound Unseen Film Festival at Zinema 2 and got a great response.