Cult auditions June 14 from noon to 3 p.m.

I know it’s short notice to post this here, but the audition scenes are pretty short (1-2 pages) and it really isn’t that intensive of a process. If you are interested in any of the roles, shoot me an email and I’ll send you the location and scene!


SynopsisA youth bible study is manipulated by its insane leader into performing a group suicide but two of the members conspire to stop it. They break down the history of the group and how they became extremist.

Project type: Low Budget Feature Film (85 minutes) Drama/Dark Comedy

Usage: Film Festivals, and distribution (online or theatrical)

Shooting Dates: July 8th – July 20th from 10am to about 5pm everyday. (Additional shooting beforehand.) If auditioning for one of the cult members, it is imperative you are available for all days of shooting.

Shooting Location: Duluth, MN

Audition Time: Friday, June 14 (12pm-3pm) EMAIL ME AT [email protected] to set up a time and receive a script. Include a headshot and any experience you might have.

Compensation: Copy, Credit, Meals, Expenses, and Mileage. This entire feature is being shot for under $5000 so no one will be getting monetary compensation unless the film makes money in distribution.


Laura Stronarch (21/F)

Laura is one of the newest members of the group, and is the one who realizes she has to stop the group suicide from happening. She is strong and smart, but prone to anxiety attacks.

Elli Truman (22/F)

Elli is Laura’s newly married and overly protective sister. She is caring and loving, but shows her mean side when Laura gets a new boyfriend from outside of the group.

Dillon Truman (23/M)

Dillon is the strong silent type. He is constantly stressed from working to support Elli. He is the Lowell’s (The leader) best friend.

Jacob Truman (19/M)

Jacob is Dillon’s cousin, and a recent high school grad. He is extremely supportive of the group. [Only required for the first week of shooting. Maybe additional days]

Michelle Day (19/F)

Michelle is Jacob’s girlfriend. She is also a recent High school grad. [Only required for the first week of shooting. Maybe additional shoot days.]

Christopher (20ish/M)

Chris is an arrogant and intelligent atheist who becomes Laura’s boyfriend. They have an intense argument over her religion, and he has a battle of the egos with the cult leader. (We will probably shoot his scenes with Laura sometime before the main shooting dates. The scene with Lowell will probably in the second week of filming.)


The cop appears in a hypothetical situation where Laura calls the police. At first he seems to be very professional, but completely buys into the leader. He becomes very corny, and laughs hysterically at the leaders jokes. [half day shoot]

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