I made real explosives for the Ninja web series we are shooting in Duluth!



about 5 years ago

Couple of things: 1. Just dumping in gun powder like that would be a great way to blow up your gun. 2. No wadding? No musket ball? No attempt to even make it look like that was happening? 3. Your pirate is a modern day gansta? If not he shouldn't hold his pistol sideways. 4. When your pirate is slashed from behind, we clearly see no cut and no blood as he falls. 5. Making explosives without a permit is highly illegal. Hope you had one. If not, I wouldn't advertise that you did. 6. Loudest ninjas ever. Crunch, crunch, snap.


about 5 years ago

Try watching Ninja: Silent Assassin and other cheesy ninja movies from the 70s to see what we are going for. If you don't like it, we just don't share the same tastes. The explosions weren't bombs or anything. Igniting gun powder caused the smoke explosion effect. It isn't like we were going to blow ourselves up.


about 5 years ago

Ok Jadiaz, if you know anything about imagination the entire show hasn't been entirely realistic and it was not meant to be. It's in some other Ninja World of some kind where that sort of stuff can happen. Just watch the film as entertainment and lose that critical, analytical attitude immediately.


about 5 years ago

When only one episode with no background is presented to me to watch, I have to assume it is in this world with its rules and physics. Also, if you don't want criticism or to be analyzed, don't put your product/show out there for the public to see. I don't know ClassicFuture if you are involved with the show, but telling me to drop my attitude immediately just makes me say to hell with checking this out anymore. Samsdayfuss was polite in his response, you were a dick. I can dig imagination, but with anything, I like to be met part way. If you want to put me in your world, give me a reason to believe ninjas are loud and guns just need powder to fire. As it was, one film was posted here with no explanation as to the world they are in so I have to assume they are on earth that we know.

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