Cult – Feature film to be shot in Duluth

Hi, my name is Lance Karasti. I’m currently working on a feature film about an extremist cult that is manipulated by their insane leader into performing a group suicide. Two of the members try to stop it and break down how things got that bad. The film examines many themes, and is a character study of the cult leader.

It is my goal to make a cinematic feature film in the city that I love. Any support and help spreading the word will go a long way and be greatly appreciated. This has always been something that I’ve wanted to do and I’ve finally assembled the right crew to do it. Now we just need your help!

For more information check out the kickstarter.


The Big E

about 10 years ago

I think Robert Reich has already made that film.


about 10 years ago

I'm a little confused. What similarities do you see?

The Big E

about 10 years ago

"An extremist cult that is manipulated by their insane leader[s] into performing a group suicide" strikes me as a pretty fair description of the key developments in the American political economy over the past forty years.

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