Grants with Duluth Connections

Artist Initiative
Project grants for artists at all stages of their careers, to support artistic development, nurture artistic creativity, and recognize the contributions individual artists make to the creative environment of the state of Minnesota

Awards grouped below by discipline.

Number of grants awarded 5
Total dollars awarded $ 50,000

Grantee, City Grant Amount
Mathew J. Janczewski, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Janczewski will select two to five Minnesota towns to develop “Main Street,” a dance that looks at how technology is changing the face of American towns and our ability to connect to each other. He will present a public showing in each location.
Ashwini Ramaswamy, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Ramaswamy will perform an evening-length solo of Bharatanatyam dance in Edinburgh, Scotland and remount the performance in Minneapolis.
Ranee A. Ramaswamy, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Ramaswamy will travel to New Zealand and India to work with choreographer Lemi Ponifasio, of the MAU ensemble, to explore a new collaboration. Upon her return to Minnesota, she will present a lecture demonstration to introduce Minnesota audiences to Ponifasio’s work.
Karen E. Sherman, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Sherman will create “One with Others,” a dance/performance work that uses choreography, text, and scrap lumber to explore biography, communication, self-determination, and desire. Public performances will take place at Red Eye Theater in Minneapolis.
Vanessa I. Voskuil, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Voskuil will research and develop “The Student,” a site-specific, community-inclusive movement piece for 200 performers. It will be presented by Northrop Auditorium on the University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities campus in early 2014.
Media Arts
Number of grants awarded 11
Total dollars awarded $ 110,000

Grantee, City Grant Amount
Elizabeth G. Day, Saint Paul $ 10,000
Day will create a documentary about the rich cultural history of moccasin games played by the Ojibwe and Dakota tribes of Minnesota. She will hold public screenings of the film at reservation schools and community centers.
Layla S. Dowlatshahi, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Dowlatshahi will complete her screenplay A Night Alone, about the barriers between the Muslim American and greater Minnesota communities. The project will culminate in a staged reading at Intermedia Arts, in Minneapolis.
Amanda I. Lovelee, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Lovelee will create The Fort Project, a physical structure open to the public as a cultural space for artist talks, dinners, and fort construction workshops. As part of the project she will produce a ten-minute short about how to build the perfect fort.
Kristen M. Lowe, Chanhassen $ 10,000
Lowe will create a documentary about four artists painting significant Minnesota landscapes. The piece will confront conflicts of weather, time constraints, and internal creative struggles.
Albert Milgrom, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Milgrom will produce Czech Heritage Project, a film based on a small rural polka band that embodies the spirit of the Minnesota Czechoslovak experience. Screenings will be held in collaboration with local Czech heritage organizations.
Jesse Roesler, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Roesler will produce Give Me Your Hungry, a documentary about the ways in which individuals have taken the war against hunger into their own hands. Screenings will take place in communities around Minnesota.
Michael V. Scholtz, Wrenshall $ 10,000
Scholtz will direct a documentary about Minnesota’s curious obsession with its own Viking heritage. He will screen the film in Duluth and Minneapolis.
James M. Vogel, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Vogel will produce a documentary examining the lives of three people, following them through their everyday lives. Screenings will take place in several cities across the state.
Maya T. Washington, Plymouth $ 10,000
Washington will produce a documentary about her father, Minnesota Vikings legend Gene Washington, who received a scholarship to Michigan State University in 1963 that changed his life and the face of the game. Public screenings will take place in the Twin Cities.
John F. Whitehead, Saint Paul $ 10,000
Whitehead will complete Black String Revival, a one-hour video documentary that profiles the African American string band called The Carolina Chocolate Drops. Two preview screenings and a local premiere are planned.
Caleb D. Wood, Grand Rapids $ 10,000
Wood will create an experimental animated film that focuses on Minnesota’s diverse and unique landscapes, wildlife, and humanity. He will organize a series of screening around the state.
Number of grants awarded 20
Total dollars awarded $ 191,900

Grantee, City Grant Amount
Alyssa A. Anderson, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Anderson will strengthen her involvement with the new music community through a commission, a call-for-scores, and a series of performances and educational events in greater Minnesota.
Colleen M. Bertsch, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Bertsch will create a video reference library of her Transylvanian field recordings of traditional fiddle music and give an informational performance and workshop of that repertoire.
Douglas A. Bradley, New Brighton $ 5,000
Bradley will compose a piece of beginning-level music for elementary school bands that includes a full score, parts, and a recording of the new piece.
Paul K. Dice, Northfield $ 10,000
Dice will record his first CD, which will feature five original compositions for Chinese and western instruments. All five works will be performed by the string quartet, Spirit of Nature, at a concert in the Twin Cities.
Nathaniel H. Dickey, Moorhead $ 8,900
Dickey will commission two new compositions for solo trombone and ensemble. He will perform them with school ensembles and in solo recitals. In addition, he will record eight pieces for trombone, including the new compositions.
Joseph H. Ford, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Ford will compose, arrange, and record ten new songs based on stories from rural Minnesota towns and present these new works at an album release event in Minneapolis.
Sarah M. Greer, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Greer will work with local and regional artists to develop, document, and perform an improvised vocal work called Between.
Noah C. Hoehn, Minnetonka $ 10,000
Hoehn will record and promote a full-length CD featuring a unique mix of harmonica, marimba, and world percussion. In addition to a CD release event, Hoehn will make two presentations, in Twin Cities public schools, about his work.
Daniel D. Kallman, Northfield $ 10,000
Kallman will orchestrate his chamber work Sea Creatures for full orchestra. He will also compose a new orchestral work for young audiences. Both works will be performed by the Wayzata Symphony Orchestra in February 2014.
Elisa A. Korentayer, New York Mills $ 10,000
Korentayer will develop her social media skills to strengthen her brand identity and grow her audience. She will offer a workshop in Detroit Lakes and Fergus Falls on the art of songwriting and the business skills needed to make it professionally in this field.
Douglas V. Little, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Little will present a recently discovered charanga repertoire of music from Cuba and compose new works inspired by this style. The project will conclude with a public performance at Salsa Fiesta at the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis..
Brian T. Miller, Saint Paul $ 8,000
Miller will produce a new CD of Irish music from his Lumber Camps project and perform five concerts in greater Minnesota towns.
Scott L. Miller, Maple Grove $ 10,000
Miller will compose interactive, structured electronic music that he and an ensemble will present in five Minnesota communities with improvisers from the local communities.
Michael A. Monroe, Grand Marais $ 10,000
Monroe will produce and promote a new DVD, Michael Monroe Live at the Log Cabin Concert, created from five live concerts to showcase his music in audio and visual format.
Momoko T. Niemi, White Bear Lake $ 10,000
Niemi will adapt the opera/theater piece Yukionna (Snow Witch) into a song cycle with script for two voices and piano. Public performances will take place in January 2014 as part of Nautilus Music Theater’s program Rough Cuts.
Jean M. Ockuly, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Ockuly will establish herself as a performer of world music by developing an expanded repertoire of traditional and original songs to be performed at four Twin Cities venues.
Peter Ostroushko, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Ostroushko will streamline his creative process by learning Finale, a software product for composers. Using this new tool he will create a prototype book, Peter Ostroushkos’s Original Songs, and host a public lecture about his work.
Pooja G. Pavan, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Pavan will go to India to research and study Sufi poetry and then record a CD of Sufi inspired music. She will hold a public concert/lecture/demonstration on Sufi music and traditions at the Humphrey Center, in Minneapolis, in early 2014.
Iris M. Shiraishi, Saint Paul $ 10,000
Shiraishi will study Japanese musical traditions and techniques within the kumdaiko (group drumming) aesthetic. During the grant period, she will present two public lectures and a work-in-progress performance.
Jonathan R. Zorn, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Zorn will compose a new series of interactive electro-acoustic compositions for a quartet of Minnesota-based musicians, to be performed throughout the state.
Number of grants awarded 25
Total dollars awarded $ 238,172

Grantee, City Grant Amount
Jennifer L. Ackerman, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Ackerman will photograph and complete her documentary project on Somali women in Minnesota and exhibit the work in her first solo show. She will include these women in the artistic process and exhibit the photos near Cedar Riverside, in Minneapolis.
Michael K. Dvorak, Robbinsdale $ 9,000
Be Ye Separate is a photographic exploration of social dynamics within an extended family of Schwartzentruber Amish near Harmony, Minnesota. The complexity and diversity of Amish life will be presented in this traveling exhibit, in the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota.
David H. Eberhardt, Saint Paul $ 10,000
Eberhardt will create a book entitled You Can’t Catch a Ghost (Portraits and Landscapes from the Rails), using photos he shot in the 1990’s to document the lives of hobos. He will present the work in multimedia lectures at Minnesota libraries, colleges, and community centers.
David S. Goldes, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Goldes will use 19th century scientific discoveries as the basis for new photographic works, synthesizing the analysis of phenomena, the optimism of wonder, and the subjectivity of the viewer. He will give three lectures at high schools and exhibit his work at the Bakken Museum.
Amanda S. Hankerson, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Hankerson will produce a portrait series featuring Americans who share her last name and explore a link of their lineages to slaves and slaveholders. She will exhibit her work, sharing both her experiences working on the road as well as her technical process.
Pao H. Her, Lino Lakes $ 10,000
Her will develop her image-making skills to create a cohesive body of work. She will print 5,000 newsprint books of her work to foster dialogue and address the changing landscape of the Hmong community.
Keith M. Holmes, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Keith Holmes will print and frame seventy-five 20×24 inch exhibition photographs – including 50 new images – from his series Pursuit of Happiness, for a September 2013 solo show at the Vine Arts Center, in Minneapolis.
Margaret L. Holmes, Hibbing $ 10,000
Margaret Holmes will complete a new series of work and develop a Web site. She will give an artist’s talk at Hibbing Community College and conduct a workshop at Hibbing High School for photography students.
Wing Y. Huie, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Huie will travel to China and within the United States to create photographs that address issues of personal, national, and cultural identity, culminating in an exhibition in Minnesota and China.
Richard C. Johnson, Duluth $ 7,912
Johnson will publish a photography book, The Other Side of Wilderness, about the Arrowhead region of the state. An exhibition will coincide with the book launch in Duluth.
John C. Johnston, Saint Paul $ 10,000
Johnston’s Greenline is an ongoing survey of the historical and cultural landscape that flanks the Central Corridor light rail construction on University Avenue. The exhibit and book release will take place at a temporary gallery along the route.
Brett C. Kallusky, Minneapolis $ 7,300
Kallusky will publish a limited-edition, hand-made photography book. The book will be presented both as an art object and item for purchase at a book release event.
Brandon K. Lepasti, Farmington $ 7,500
Lepasti will continue photographing people’s lives on the Iron Range, showcasing his work in a solo exhibition in the Twin Cities.
Laura E. Migliorino, Minneapolis $ 8,100
Migliorino will create Bordering the Minnesota Angle, a series of photographs that capture life in a section of the state that is surrounded by Canada and accessible from the rest of Minnesota only by water. She will exhibit the photographs in Warroad.
Colleen W. Mullins, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Mullins will promote her current body of work by attending national portfolio reviews. She will develop her multimedia production skills by taking two Final Cut Pro courses at IFP in Minneapolis and will exhibit her work as part of the Longfellow Artists Crawl in August.
Andrea G. Murrill, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Murrill will continue to document the demise of Mom and Pop resorts in the Brainerd Lakes area of northern Minnesota. The project will culminate in an exhibit in Brainerd in the fall of 2013.
Steven R. Peterson, Minneapolis $ 9,900
Photos of nineteen Native Americans will be taken and exhibited alongside childhood portraits drawn of them 32 years ago, with a short narrative of their life path in the intervening years. Peterson will host a public exhibit, workshop, and lecture at Nemeth Art Center, in Park Rapids, in 2014.
Keri L. Pickett, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Pickett will produce How We Live, images and text panels about the Northwoods Radical Faerie Sanctuary, for exhibit in AIDS hospice care facilities in Minneapolis and a one night exhibit at Patrick’s Cabaret.
Courtney Reints, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Reints will expand an existing body of photographic work, exploring the culture of taxidermy and focusing on the processes and products of the tradition. She will exhibit large scale prints at a Minnesota gallery.
Erika G. Ritzel, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Ritzel will complete the project, Changing Hands, about estate sales and auctions. A book will be published to promote the work and she will give talks at community colleges in the Twin Cities and Rochester.
Stephanie L. Rogers, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Rogers will explore urban ecology and create a temporary public installation of photographic images on Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis.
Laurie A. Schneider, Stillwater $ 9,800
Schneider will produce a photo documentary and traveling exhibition about sustainable farming in Minnesota, with a companion program and artist talk.
Dona B. Schwartz, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Schwartz will produce framed exhibition prints from her project On the Nest. The prints will be exhibited in association with the launch of a published monograph from the series.
Habakkuk N. Stockstill, Saint Paul $ 8,660
Stockstill will photograph rallies and demonstrations that occur within the state. He will partner with the Saint Paul Midway YMCA as a guest speaker and mentor for youth interested in photography.
Keith M. Taylor, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Taylor will complete his investigation into the search for dark matter at the Soudan Mine in northern Minnesota, and travel to FotoFest in Houston, Texas, to show the work to curators and publishers. He will exhibit the work at the mine’s visitor center and give an artist’s talk in the Twin Cities.
Number of grants awarded 9
Total dollars awarded $ 76,486

Grantee, City Grant Amount
James J. Cihlar, Saint Paul $ 10,000
Cihlar will promote the publication of his second book, Rancho Nostalgia. He will conduct readings throughout Minnesota and elsewhere in the United States and in England.
Stephen P. Healey, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Healey will complete the manuscript for his third book of poetry, create a new artist Web site, and facilitate a number of community poetry reading and writing events.
Kathleen A. Jesme, Inver Grove Heights $ 9,460
Jesme will publicize her book Meridian and connect to new Minnesota audiences by presenting a workshop at public libraries. She will complete the manuscript for her book Coastline, scheduled for publication by Ahsahta Press in 2014.
Patricia S. Kirkpatrick, Saint Paul $ 10,000
Kirkpatrick will promote her new book, Odessa, by giving readings and workshops throughout Minnesota and beyond. In addition, she will begin work on a third poetry manuscript.
Kathryn A. Kysar, Saint Paul $ 7,826
Kysar will work on the first draft of a new manuscript about remembering. She will make audio recordings of her work and travel to rural communities to conduct readings with local writers.
Kenneth D. McCullough, Winona $ 8,700
McCullough will create a Web site to increase the visibility of his work. He will present his recently published seventh volume of poetry at the Winona County Historical Society, accompanied by pianist Mark McGuire and violinist Betsi Neil.
Rachel A. Moritz, Minneapolis $ 8,500
Moritz will complete a full-length poetry manuscript that considers the conjunction of two primary events: the birth of a child and the death of a parent. She will conduct a public reading and workshop that engages participants in writing about grief.
Timothy J. Nolan, Minneapolis $ 7,200
Nolan will travel to Boston for the Association of Writers and Writing Programs conference to promote his two books of poetry. He will give ten readings in greater Minnesota and attend a two-week residency at the Anderson Center in Red Wing.
Carolyn R. Williams-Noren, Minneapolis $ 4,800
Williams-Noren will complete a chapbook of poems about motherhood. She will also create a public Tiny Poetry Library in Minneapolis to include the work of Minnesota poets. An opening event for the library will include readings by local poets.
Number of grants awarded 22
Total dollars awarded $ 206,750

Grantee, City Grant Amount
Eric M. Braun, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Braun will complete his novel, begin to search for a publisher, and meet with secondary and post-secondary students to discuss writing and publishing.
Nancy L. Cook, Saint Paul $ 9,300
Cook will work towards becoming a full-time writer, spending time to develop her craft. She will host six community-based workshops and a bi-weekly writers’ circle in north Minneapolis.
Martin L. Cozza, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Cozza will complete a draft of his novel for young readers, Vincent’s Lens,sharing this work with students at Seward Montessori in Minneapolis.
Kirstin J. Cronn-Mills, North Mankato $ 10,000
Cronn-Mills will complete Original Fake, an illustrated novel for young adults. She will read from the manuscript and present a lecture in both the Twin Cities and Mankato.
Erin Downing, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Downing will research Scandinavian folklore to write an early-reader chapter book about a lonely child who discovers a hidden forest inhabited by creatures inspired by those classic stories. She will make five author visits to Minnesota schools to share her work.
Eric J. Dregni, Minneapolis $ 5,400
Dregni will read from his books Vikings in the Attic and In Cod We Trust at libraries, bookstores, clubs, and lodges around the state.
Anne D. Guidry, Minneapolis $ 8,000
Guidry will travel to Mexico to research and complete her novel which takes place there. Back in Minnesota, she will offer writing workshops in collaboration with an organization that benefits Latino women.
Catherine D. Holm, Cook $ 10,000
Holm will complete a first draft of her novel Women in the Sky. She will seek out an agent for her completed memoir, Driving with Cats: Ours for a Short Time, and give two readings at a local humane society from this work.
Kristin F. Johnson, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Johnson will finish a middle-grade novel while working with mentor Jane Resh Thomas. She will also attend a conference for children’s book writers in New York and will read from her new work at a Saint Paul public library.
Diana Joseph, Mankato $ 9,600
Joseph will work on a memoir about motherhood and postpartum depression. She will give three readings of her work in progress in Mankato, Winona, and the Twin Cities.
Amber E. Larson, Minneapolis $ 6,800
Larson will complete her manuscript, Still Waters, a novel about the German occupation of Norway during World War II. She will hold several public readings at Twin Cities venues.
Lynne Maker Kuechle, White Bear Lake $ 9,600
Maker-Kuechle will gather historical information about figure skating at the World Figure Skating Museum in Colorado and will complete a draft of her figure skating memoir and three essays on the subject. She will read from her work at several Twin Cities venues.
Susan A. Nettell, Eden Prairie $ 10,000
Nettell will write a series of short stories and essays about the Bakken oil activity in western North Dakota, to reflect on the industry’s impact on an agrarian people and landscape. She will host a reading of the manuscript at a coffee shop in Eden Prairie.
Juliet Patterson, Minneapolis $ 9,500
Patterson will complete a creative nonfiction manuscript about suicide. She will read from the manuscript at the Center for Grief, Loss and Transition in Saint Paul and offer writing workshops about grief at the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis.
Katherine R. Read, Minneapolis $ 9,900
Read will develop a collection of literary essays about motherhood from the perspective of a middle class Minnesota mother. She will hold talks in area libraries about the challenges and rewards of writing about this subject.
Ethan H. Rutherford, Minneapolis $ 9,050
Rutherford will promote his first collection of stories, The Peripatetic Coffin, and free up time to complete his second book. He will conduct readings throughout the Twin Cities, encouraging the craft of fiction.
Heather A. Slomski, Moorhead $ 10,000
Slomski will go to Krakow, Poland to research the setting of her first novel and then use the rest of the grant period to complete a first draft of the manuscript. She will conduct two readings of her work in progress at several locations in Moorhead.
Sarah L. Stonich, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Stonich will promote her new novel, Vacationland, at literary events, regional libraries, and independent booksellers across Minnesota. She will also continue to research a second manuscript American River.
Eric D. Vrooman, Minneapolis $ 9,600
Vrooman will finish his collection of nontraditional-form fiction, WORK PRODUCT. He will give four public readings in the Twin Cities and elsewhere.
Stephanie E. Watson, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Watson will complete her third middle-grade novel, Pencilvania, and build professional connections in the world of children’s literature by attending a national conference. She will read from the new manuscript at the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis.
Douglas E. Wood, Sartell $ 10,000
Wood will complete Lifescapes, in which he will explore landscapes, both external and internal, and how each illuminates and reflects the other. He will present a number of programs and readings of this work in progress in central Minnesota.
Kao K. Yang, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Yang will transition from writing creative nonfiction/memoir to writing fiction. At the conclusion of the grant period, she will read from her new work at the Center for Hmong Studies at Concordia University, in Saint Paul.
Number of grants awarded 10
Total dollars awarded $ 91,200

Grantee, City Grant Amount
Sonya M. Berlovitz, Minneapolis $ 2,200
As a presenter and exhibitor, Berlovitz will attend the United States Institute for Theatre Technology conference for design and technology professionals in the performing arts, to be held in Fort Worth, Texas.
Lloyd W. Brant, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Brant will write and develop Ship of Fools, a performance about the mythic origin of clowns. The show will premiere in January 2014.
Bart L. Buch, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Buch will collaborate with local musicians Martin Dosh and Alex Strachota to blend music with traditional and experimental puppetry. He will present a performance at a Twin Cities venue in the fall of 2013.
Jeanne E. Calvit, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Calvit will travel to Thailand with Kevin Kling, noted storyteller, to collaborate with Hmong villagers by sharing stories and ceremonies. She will share her experiences in a community forum in collaboration with the Saint Paul Hmong Center.
Steven L. Grandell, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Grandell will create an intergenerational performance art piece using images, music, sound, and movement to explore this unique moment in Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender history; from the fearful past to the positive, yet anxious, present. A workshop performance will take place in Duluth.
Erik G. Hoover, Saint Paul $ 9,000
Hoover will accept a one-time opportunity to study intensively with award-winning theater artist Kari Margolis at her training center in New York, to focus on becoming a Margolis Method instructor. He will offer two free workshops on the Margolis Method upon his return to Minnesota.
Rachel H. Jendrzejewski, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Jendrzejewski will complete KAIROS (working title), a new piece she is writing in collaboration with SuperGroup, for the Walker Art Center’s series Momentum: New Dance Works 2013.
Michael H. Robins, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Robins will research and develop a new theater piece which uses his family’s journey to and settlement in Minnesota, exploring Jewish immigrant lives in Minnesota between 1900 and 1964. He will present two staged readings of the work in progress during the grant period.
Peter J. Rothstein, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Rothstein will complete the writing of Steerage Song, an epic work illuminating the American immigration experience through song. An open workshop will allow Minnesotans to observe the development process.
Amy M. Rummenie, Minneapolis $ 10,000
In July 2013, Rummenie will attend a directing workshop at Southampton Arts summer program. Using the new rehearsal techniques, she will stage a series of experimental scenes at Balls Cabaret in Minneapolis.
Visual Arts
Number of grants awarded 69
Total dollars awarded $ 647,125

Grantee, City Grant Amount
Susan J. Armington, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Armington will develop a new body of mapwork that combines the physicality of land and water with the stories of people, past and present, in three Minnesota locations. She will host an event to talk about the work and invite participants to write about their experience of place.
Alison J. Aune-Hinkel, Duluth $ 6,900
Aune-Hinkel will create Dekorgldje: Scandinavian-Minnesota Paintings, an evolving body of work that reinterprets historic and symbolic textiles into new art forms. The work will be exhibited in Sweden and Minnesota.
Harriet J. Bart, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Bart will make multiple small sculptures/objects to be given to each member of a designated audience in association with 10,000 Things Theatre’s production of The Tempest.
Mitchell J. Bercier, Carlton $ 2,600
Bercier will create a 24-page comic book and distribute it to independent comic book retailers throughout the state and the country.
Mary B. Bergs-Cruse, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Bergs-Cruse will create a new series of large-scale installations for an exhibition at the Bloomington Art Center, in May – July 2013, and hire a photographer to document the work.
Elisa k. Berry Fonseca, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Berry Fonseca will create a new body of work and meet with mentor, Elizabeth Simonson, to discuss her work and strategies for professional development. She will present a workshop about being an artist, to art students at colleges and high schools.
Frank R. Big Bear, Jr., Duluth $ 10,000
Big Bear will create one large-scale collage about his Chippewa heritage and three large-scale assemblages for a solo exhibition at the Bockley Gallery in the fall of 2013.
Heather R. Bren, Saint Paul $ 10,000
Bren will create a body of work for an exhibition in the Netherlands. While there, she will research delftware imagery to inform a new body of work that will be exhibited in an open studio in Minneapolis.
Carol L. Chase, Saint Paul $ 10,000
Chase will attend the Istanbul Biennial, a contemporary art exhibition, and study Islamic architecture in Turkey to integrate patterns and decoration into a new body of work. She will give two public lectures about her experience upon her return.
Shirley A. Chouinard, Cambridge $ 10,000
Chouinard will develop a body of work that addresses the sexual abuse of children, for two solo exhibitions, in the Twin Cities and rural Minnesota.
Nathan E. Christopherson, Saint Paul $ 9,900
Christopherson will collaborate with writer, Josiah Titus, to produce a series of ten broadsides. He will also create an artist book to be exhibited at Open Book.
Barbara J. Claussen, Lauderdale $ 10,000
Claussen will create a custom-designed portable visual barrier to be erected on the border of spaces where there is a hostile neighbor.
Sean P. Connaughty, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Connaughty will create a new series of underwater sculptures that combine living ecosystems with solar powered technology, to be displayed in outdoor public spaces and in a gallery setting.
Teresa M. Cox, Saint Paul $ 10,000
Cox will experiment with new media to create large-scale panel paintings. She will pursue exhibition venues and host an open studio to engage artists and the community in discussion.
Andrea L. Denecke, Scandia $ 10,000
Denecke will purchase three electric wheels in order to establish a pottery classroom and offer classes to residents of her rural community. She will create a showroom to allow for on-site studio sales.
Robert H. Dorlac, Marshall $ 5,100
Dorlac will travel to Iceland to produce a series of landscape images. An exhibition is planned for a venue in Marshall.
Peter D. Driessen, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Driessen will develop a new body of work and create a series of small, softcover artist books. Two exhibitions are planned for Twin Cities venues.
Aaron J. Dysart, Minneapolis $ 9,500
Dysart will be an artist in residence on a southern Minnesota cattle farm to study people’s relationship to the land they occupy. He will create sculptures and exhibit them at the annual Lobster Feed in Chatfield and conduct a lecture at Silverwood Park in Minneapolis.
Craig L. Edwards, New London $ 10,000
Edwards will create a body of work for use in East Asian tea ceremonies, presenting it in a manner consistent with longstanding traditions of tea culture. It will be displayed in a gallery exhibition.
Gary A. Erickson, Minneapolis $ 4,500
Erickson will return to Jingdezhen, China (known as the Porcelain City), to pack and ship fifty pieces of his porcelain sculpture to Minnesota for exhibition at Minnesota State University, Mankato and at Concordia College in Saint Paul.
Erik A. Farseth, Minneapolis $ 9,100
Farseth will create a new body of work that incorporates multiple printmaking techniques in combination with collage, culminating in a solo exhibition and the distribution of art zines through Twin Cities’ art and commercial venues.
John J. Fleischer, Minneapolis $ 8,600
Fleischer will produce and exhibit a new sculptural/sound work using the finger joint technique as a primary joining method. The project will be exhibited at Less Space in the Northrup King building in Minneapolis during Art Attack.
Pamela G. Gaard, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Gaard will develop a series of naturalistic portraits of unique individuals, building on her work with Somali elders who live in Minnesota, leading to her first solo portrait exhibition at Gallery 13 in Minneapolis.
Gregory S. Ganeles, Minneapolis $ 8,000
Ganeles will give two public lectures at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design after traveling to Berlin, Germany to research Berlin’s street art and public art movements.
Laura K. Hallen, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Hallen will travel to England to visit the Millennium Seed Bank and Royal Botanic Gardens. She will learn about seed conservation and create a new body of work which will be exhibited at the Reedy Gallery at the Arboretum in Chanhassen.
Carolyn G. Halliday, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Halliday will create a series of textile-based sculptures, based on ecology and evolutionary biology, in collaboration with two ecologists. This will culminate in a solo show at the Casket Arts Building in Minneapolis.
Sara L. Hanson, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Hanson will create and exhibit the first interactive public sculpture from her developing body of work, The Bio Scenic.
Nicole A. Havekost, Rochester $ 10,000
Havekost will promote her sculptural work for exhibition and create new work for her first solo exhibition at the Rochester Art Center.
Kay H. Helms, Mankato $ 5,525
Helms will complete her third Hands Portraits and Histories series by photographing the hands of south central Minnesota musicians and artists.
Kara Hendershot, Saint Paul $ 8,200
Hendershot will create a new body of work that explores the influence of her mother’s estrangement. Finished work and works in progress will be exhibited during the Saint Paul Art Crawl.
Lauren Herzak-Bauman, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Herzak-Bauman will create an exhibition that uses porcelain and other materials to make temporary, site-specific installations and photographs, exploring new ways to communicate loss within the urban landscape.
Kayleen A. Horsma, Menahga $ 10,000
Horsma will expand her skills as an artist, conveying her Finish heritage and connecting with more Minnesotans at a major Twin Cities art fair this August. She will also have a solo show at the New York Mills Regional Cultural Center.
Farida Hughes, Saint Paul $ 10,000
Hughes will complete a new suite of 20 paintings and conclude research in nontoxic oil painting mediums and methods, documenting it in a bi-weekly blog on safe practices for oil painters. There will be an Art-A-Whirl kickoff event for the blog and a public exhibition of these new works.
Katelyn R. Johnson, Bloomington $ 10,000
Johnson will finish a current body of work based on classic childhood characters. She will conduct her first solo exhibition of the completed series at a Minneapolis gallery.
Jeannine Kitzhaber, Coon Rapids $ 5,000
Kitzhaber will create ten to twelve new works based on physical and intangible maps which will be exhibited during her open studio at Art-A-Whirl and Art Attack.
Paul R. Linden, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Linden will work with recognized master artisans in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Sweden, focusing on safe and sustainable hand tool skills and tool-making, to be implemented into his own creative work. He will conduct lectures and demonstrations throughout Minnesota.
Melissa L. Loop-Anderson, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Loop-Anderson will go to French Polynesia to research and gather materials for a body of work that will focus on colonialism and subjugation through the military and tourist industry. An exhibition at Gallery 122 in Minneapolis is planned.
Rollin G. Marquette, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Marquette will produce and exhibit new work at Franklin Art Works, creating a large, site-specific work that explores smoke generated by burning, as an object occupying space and surrounding, not immersing, the viewer.
Roderick H. Massey, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Massey will produce a series of paintings of local industrial sites, focusing on the abstract forms and compositions found within these scenes. He will exhibit this work at the Groveland Gallery in Minneapolis, in October 2013.
Anna V. Metcalfe, Minneapolis $ 7,000
Metcalfe will partner with Urban Wilderness Canoe Adventure to develop and implement an art/environment project with students that she will then use to create a series of ceramic, steel, and sound installations.
Daniel J. Mondloch, Saint Cloud $ 10,000
Mondloch will develop a new body of watercolor work for a solo exhibition in Saint Cloud and other parts of the region.
Carey A. Netherton, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Netherton will produce a series of maquettes and computer-generated proposals for potential public sculptures. The completed maquettes and support materials will be exhibited at a Twin Cities gallery.
Anders B. Nilsen, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Nilsen will complete 100 inked and colored pages of a new graphic novel drawing from the myths of Sisyphus and Prometheus. He will present his work in progress in Duluth, Moorhead, Northfield, Saint Paul, and Minneapolis.
Janet L. Olney, Willmar $ 10,000
Olney will work with gourds and fiber to create woven wall pieces that will culminate in a permanent installation for the Barn Theatre in Willmar.
Marie E. Olofsdotter, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Olofsdotter will learn digital illustration techniques to create a portfolio of new images. She will conduct two free illustration workshops, at the Nisswa Community Children’s Library and the Two Harbors Community Center.
Jehra Patrick, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Patrick will complete and exhibit a new body of paintings based on national gallery spaces and foster critical dialogue about contemporary painting through monthly forums in an expanded studio space.
Laura E. Pereira, Saint Paul $ 10,000
Pereira will conduct entomological research to produce and frame a series of encaustic paintings based on this research. She will exhibit this work in a Twin Cities gallery.
Peter K. Pestalozzi, Ely $ 10,000
Pestalozzi will kayak on Lake Superior and use observations in imagery, sketches, photographs, and notes of the experience as a source of inspiration for producing a new body of furniture pieces. He will exhibit this work in Grand Marais, Ely, Duluth, Grand Rapids, and Minneapolis.
Sonja D. Peterson, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Peterson will make new artwork for an upcoming solo exhibition. She will work with more durable materials than her past work, to open up the possibilities of public art and exhibitions. She will exhibit at the Burnet Chambers Gallery in Minneapolis, in 2013, and give an artist talk.
Margaret R. Pezalla-Granlund, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Pezalla-Granlund will create a portfolio of silkscreened posters during a residency at the Montalvo Arts Center in California and at Highpoint Center for Printmaking in Minneapolis. She will exhibit the series at Prairie Woodworking in Minneapolis.
Wayne E. Potratz, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Potratz will study Damascus steel forging with nationally known blacksmith Thomas Gipe. The resulting work will be included in a retrospective exhibition at the Nash Gallery in Minneapolis to honor his nearly fifty years of creative work.
Beth A. Priestley, Saint Paul $ 10,000
Priestley will develop a series of mixed-media block prints that focus on the ecology of twenty-six of Minnesota’s state parks. Her work will be exhibited at the AZ Gallery in Saint Paul.
Thomasin L. Ringler, Saint Paul $ 9,600
Ringler will conduct research on sculptural iron casting in Latvia in preparation for her Iron/Space Exchange Project. She will create a sculpture installation at the Open-Air Museum at Pedvale in Latvia and Franconia Sculpture Park in Minnesota.
Monica E. Rudquist, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Rudquist will create a new body of ceramic work that she will exhibit as an installation. She will also collaborate with a filmmaker and writer to develop and expand her public profile. An artist lecture is also planned.
Elaine B. Rutherford, Golden Valley $ 9,300
Rutherford will develop a body of work that will explore the experiences of loss and longing that accompany migration and displacement. She will exhibit this work at the Rosalux Gallery in Minneapolis and the University of Notre Dame in Freemantle, Australia.
Brian W. Sago, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Sago will improve his visibility and sales by completing and framing a suite of ten large intaglio prints for solo exhibitions at the Threshold Gallery, Highpoint Center for Printmaking, and Groveland Gallery Annex.
Jenny R. Schmid, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Schmid will create Dictionary of Libertines, a humorous taxonomy of youths and their obsessions in a series of etchings combined with letterpress quotes and bound as an artist’s book. The work will be exhibited at Air Sweet Air Gallery in Saint Paul.
Joseph P. Sinness, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Sinness will create and ready for exhibition ten to fifteen new drawings. The work will be exhibited in a Twin Cities gallery and he will give artist lectures at local colleges and universities.
Brett B. Smith, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Smith will create a mobile, interactive sculpture, reminiscent of a sci-fi movie set, to be displayed in public venues across the state.
Frederick D. Somers, Northfield $ 10,000
Somers will combine ancient and modern media by working with a Nihonga master and a pastel manufacturer. He will exhibit paintings of water, and instructional videos to share these techniques, at the Saint Olaf College Art Department and the Minnesota Marine Art Museum.
Piotr M. Szychalski, Minneapolis $ 9,900
Szychalski will present Public Print Works, a series of printed ephemera developed, produced ,and disseminated during participatory events that are created around a collaborative community printmaking process.
Todd M. Thyberg, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Thyberg will create and produce a letterpress book, in the vein of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, that utilizes satire and encourages readers to engage in discussion of issues facing our country. This work will be exhibited during Art-A-Whirl and Art Attack.
Megan E. Vossler, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Vossler will create a new series of drawings for a solo exhibition at Bethel University, in Saint Paul. An artist talk and other public events will accompany the exhibition.
Randall E. Walker, Minneapolis $ 10,000
Walker will research, design, and oversee a temporary, site-specific public installation in which members of his South Minneapolis community play an active role in its creation.
Jody L. Williams, Minneapolis $ 8,600
Williams will produce a limited edition artist’s book and a related series of relief boxes, combining cast bronze and plastic with paper, and printing, for an exhibition at Open Book in downtown Minneapolis.
Jay L. Wittenberg, Saint Paul $ 9,800
Wittenberg will create 15 new portrait woodcuts of women writers he admires, frame the new works, and install them for a public exhibit. He will also learn how to create and maintain his own Web site to promote his work.
Barbara J. Wood, Duluth $ 10,000
Wood will create a new collection of fiber and beadwork focused on the many layered meanings of home. She will have an exhibition at One Roof Community Housing offices in Duluth.
Andrew P. Wykes, Northfield $ 10,000
Wykes will create large-scale paintings of the upper Midwest landscape. He will exhibit the paintings at Saint Catherine’s University and Groveland Gallery in Minnepolis.
Laura A. Youngbird, Breckenridge $ 10,000
Youngbird will create a series of portraits of Native American artists that challenge traditional stereotypes. She will exhibit this work in Minnesota and accompany it with an artist talk and a participatory collage workshop.

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