Crystal Cerulean Lake Superior vs. Duluth Aquaman



about 11 years ago

Pure. Ribald. Lawlessness. Either no one told him, he flat out doesn't care, or years of heavy drugs have finally settled in ... J.R. is like, "why don't you take this Fecal Alert, and shove it..." Maybe he's building his tolerance, which isn't a bad idea. In fact, it's one I've recommended to my students.

Any man who exudes Don't give a F@#$ as much as this guy ... you gotta love it. Here's to you, traveler of both time and space.

Jim Richardson

about 11 years ago

I am unaware of sny fecal alerts all summer and I check the bacterial testing results at daily, four beaches tested every few days. Maybe one tested bad for a week this summer, I forget. But a Google search of fecal alert Duluth MN also turned up nothing. When a beach is flagged for bad bacteriological testing, it normally lasts only a few days. They say to stay out of the water for a day after it rains, but even after the flash flooding the beaches were getting good testing.

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