The Automaton Records Media Conglomerate Presents the Twin Ports: A Compilation for Homegrown

Well, I know that pretty much everyone in the area already knows all about this project because I’m such a big deal around here and everyone talks about everything I do and whatnot, but the Automaton Records Media Conglomerate is proud to be offering up for this year’s Homegrowners a very special compilation.

It’s a limited edition and handmade production — 39 songs on two CDs, all generously donated by the artists for use with this generously special compilation. The cost is $6! It includes a 4-color hand screen printed 100% recycled cardboard double sleeve!  Holy cripes!  This is a limited edition of only 200 copies.

The profits from this compilation go to the festival.  So, you know, it’s good to support that too.

So don’t be one of those suckers who doesn’t buy merch at Homegrown this year.  This once-in-a-lifetime piece of Homegrown history will first be offered for sale at New Band Night, May 2 at Pizza Luce, and then will be at the Electric Fetus as well as at Homegrown doors until they sell out on like the second day.

There is a little bit of misleading information regarding this project out there, as you would expect with an intense project of such an unbelievable magnitude.  First, due to human error, our print campaign, consisting of that poster over yonder as well as an advertisement in the Homegrown Field Guide listed two bands – The Undesirables and The Tisdales – that got, seriously, accidentally left off the masters.  (There was initial theories that it was sabotage by a rival underground media conglomerate, later disproven.)  Apology contacts have already been made with members of these fine Twinports outfits.  So far no contact has been received back;  in the spirit of forging ahead, we at the ARMC will assume that our highly specialized skills of communication were enough to assure the lack of conglomerate hatred.

Finally I will present for your reading enjoyment the final track listing of this most excellent set of discs.  Please NOTE!  Many/some/a number of these songs are unreleased- Including Portrait of a Drowned Man’s “First Breath and the Break,” and Manheat’s “Hotel Suicide (Barstool Mix).”  Truthfully, the exact number of rare/unreleased/bootleg/remix recordings on this set of recordings has been lost to time.  Maybe some sort of Twinports know-it-all music doofus will figure it all out for us.  If they do, man, that would be so unbelievably sweeeeeeeet.  I could turn this image sideways, making it easier for you to read, but this is how it is inside the packaging, so we’ll just leave it as it is.  Have fun turning your head to read exactly HOW MANY of your favorite local bands are on this freaking thing.  It’s like a great big bundle of Homegrown goodness and joy.



about 14 years ago

Holy buckwheat, Glenn!  This is awesome!

You're the hardest working man in Duluth.


about 14 years ago

I agree. I also expect much more excitement/many more comments about this most awesome compilation.

Paul Lundgren

about 14 years ago

A person would have to spend thousands of dollars to collect all of this great music separately.


about 14 years ago

Already down to 132 copies! If you want one BEFORE homegrown, you can get one at my house tomorrow 8-12 & 6-8, or Saturday 10-8pm. Email me @ [email protected]. Otherwise, see you at new band night!!!!!

Paul Lundgren

about 14 years ago

Here's the track listing for those of you unwilling to tilt your head and squint:

Disc 1
01. Mitch and Greta - You and I
02. Wyatt Famous - Follow Your Feet
03. Cars & Trucks - We're All Gonna Die
04. Manheat - Hotel Suicide (Barstool Mix)
05. Danecdote - Danimation
06. Sports! - Little Girls
07. A Corrosive Melody - Hunter, Gatherer, Coveter, Thief
08. Nordic Waste - I Like Short Songs
09. I am the Slow Dancing Umbrella - And the Bears
10. The Brushstrokes - Haggard Whore
11. Words to a Film Score - Wisconsin Point
12. Both - Brick to the Face
13. The Keep Aways - Dancehall
14. The Surfactants - Jenny, You're a Meteor
15. Dios Mio - (Adder)All I Need
16. Bear Garden - I'm Jack Nicholson and I Have Very High Eyebrows
17. Jackie & the Ripoffs - Patriot Act
18. Voyages - Into the Vast Emptiness
19. Canine Heart Sounds - Boat Song

Disc 2
01. Portrait of a Drowned Man - First Breath and the Break
02. Dave Mehling - Where Do I Go
03. Shana David - Minnesota Nice
04. The Little Black Books - The String
05. The Fromundas - Red Tape
06. Farewell Tour - My Radio
07. Peer Precious - Roomies
08. Cowards - Solitude
09. The Good Colonels - As the Crow Flies
10. The State Champs - Invention
11. Batteries - A Stranger's Menthols
12. Greg Cougar Conley - Begin
13. Equal Xchange - Stage Presents
14. The Moon is Down - My Amazing Kite
15. The Maple Keys - Bed of Pine
16. The Boomchucks - Good News/Bad News
17. Horse & Rider - We Put the "Fuck You" in Team
18. Indulge - Mastadulge
19. Fair-weather Friend - Trestle
20. Panda Teeth - Whiskey Loving Twenty Somethings

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