History Question About the North Shore

I was up the Shore today and turned left on Homestead Road, by the Lighthouse Restaurant.  I’m always scouting in the woods and seem to come across signs of the past everywhere.  On the left side, I saw a large concrete piece, with electrical parts. It looked like it was once a base for a huge lighted sign. Snooping some more, I came across broken dishes, a couple of rusted chairs, and much more. 

I went and asked the owners of the Lighthouse if they knew what was there. All they said was that there was a motel there years ago.  Does anyone know the name of it and when it was there?


Sandy Petersen

about 14 years ago

I'm guessing from how you described it, you were between the Highway 61 Expressway and Scenic 61 (the old highway). Or were you on the other side of the Expressway? (Although I can't think of any businesses located on that side except for that iron forging business in the old barn.)

I can ask my husband if he knows. His grandparents and parents owned the Aztec Hotel (now gone), and the resort at Illgen City. He's traveled back and forth from Illgen City to Duluth too many times to count.


about 14 years ago

I grew up in there as my dad owned the Shorecrest for 35 years before selling to Nokomis a few years ago.  I will inquire, but it must have been a very long time ago.  There were all sorts of things that have come and gone around there.  In the past 30 years smelters from St. Cloud camp there - probably will be around this weekend, in fact.  I always thought there was a gas station of something there because I thought I recall seeing an old tank there some time ago.

Sandy Petersen

about 14 years ago

I asked my husband and he even took me down there to find the site you were talking about. He doesn't remember anything being there but he said he wouldn't be surprised if there were at some time. It does look like something was there but like ewbeyer said, it was probably a very long time ago. 

I see that the railroad crossing in that area is named Palmers which I believe is the name of an old North Shore town site. And there is that old church/chapel in the woods across the road from there. I wonder if doing further research on the RR crossing name would yield more information?

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