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Fresh Hops For Sale

Hello, kind Duluthians. I have for sale three varieties of fresh hops, all picked today (Tuesday) and yesterday. Hand picked, by me, no branches, no leaves, no pesticides applied ever.

3.5# Cascades
1.2# Centennial (these smell amazing, by the way)
4 oz. nearly dry Mt. Hood

$30 for the cascades, $15 for the Centennials, $8 Mt. Hood. I will also trade for beer. E-mail me, my PDD username at gmail

Cascade hops for sale/trade

Hey brewers, I’ve got some surplus cascade hops for sale. $5 per pound or $25 for a paper grocery bag full. Limited supply, absolutely no chemical pesticides or fertilizers used. Call or text 612-716-1104.

Craigslist ad

The Ball Slashers (Live Debut!)

What? Yeah I started a rock band. We’re called the Ball Slashers and we’re going to open the show at RT’s next Friday. Poor Howard (Howlin’ Andy & Vince Cadillac) and Hard Feelings are in the middle, and the Blood Shot (my old band!!) are last. Come on down, we’re here to provide the blast of high octane rock and roll that this town is devoid of. Cheers!

First Thursday Motorcycle Ride

Hey everyone, I don’t have a fancy flyer to post tonight, but we’re getting together at the Co-op tomorrow at 5 for a ride. Usually we take off at 6, but we’re gonna shoot for a little earlier departure to get more daylight. So get out the bike, it’s supposed to be super nice, and soon it will be winter and you will be wishing you had gone on that last ride in October…

First Thursday Motorcycle Ride

Well, I’ve been a slacker and haven’t been pushing this, but I’m trying to make up for it now. We now meet in front of the old credit union building, plenty of space. Did I mention free co-op coffee?

First Thursday Motorcycle Ride

We ride again! Bring your jacket, it’ll officially be September. Last month’s ride was great. If you missed it, you missed out. Prepare for about 60-70 miles, and maybe a beer afterward!

First Thursday Motorcycle Ride!

You know the drill. First Thursday of the month, rear parking lot of the Co-op. Ride on.

First Thursday Motorcycle Ride

Hello! Once again, time to fire up your bike and get to the co-op for a ride! Have you got a good secret road you wanna share? We’re running out of new places to go, and with the road construction, it’s a little harder to get out of town. So come one down, and let’s ride.

First Thursday Motorcycle Ride returns!

You know the drill, right?
Get on your motorcycle, ride it to the co-op, have a cup of coffee, BS for a few minutes, then go for a ride with a bunch of random people, who knows? Maybe people you know. Whatever. Maybe we’ll even have a beer when we’re done. So get there, unless it’s pouring rain we do this. All bikes and all riders welcome. Tell your friends, find it on the Facebook … Twin Ports First Thursdays. See you there!

Looking for a few decent hockey players …

… aged 35 and up to play in a league on Sunday nights. There are 6 teams, it’s supposed to be a 40 and over league but they’re pretty loose on the rules. I’m on the “6th team” — they put together an emergency team so everyone could play every week, but we need a few warm bodies. I would say the level is intermediate to advanced…. So yeah, call Mars Lakeview at 722-4455 if you need any info. Times are between 6 and 8pm, which is pretty nice.

Got a motorcycle and a warm jacket??

One more First Thursday Motorcycle Ride!!!!!
Sorry no flier for this month’s ride, it was kind of last minute. A group of us are meeting at the Whole Foods Co-op, I’ll be there by 5:30. We plan on heading out at 6, maybe a quick ride around skyline, or maybe out to Jay Cooke. Bring some warm clothes, and pray for clear skies. We most likely won’t ride if it’s pouring rain. See you there!

It’s that time again!!!

Get your bike out and ride. Bring a jacket. We’ll probably do about 60 miles, last month’s ride was about 70, and extremely nice. We even had some beers on my porch. But that’s beside the point, which is get out your bike and ride, because this is Duluth and there will be ice on the roads in a month 🙂

Free Amazing Console Stereo!!!

I’m cleaning out my parent’s garage. This is free. Complete schematics and owners manual included. It’s in Esko, please e-mail me at sugarfreek at hotmail if you want to check it out. I could deliver it for gas money.

Got A Motorcycle, Part Deux

Bring it out and ride!

Got a motorcycle?

come out and ride it. 20 riders last month..come down and add a few more!

Free coffee from the co-op.