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Accent in Duluth

I’m aware the “Minnesota accent” varies as you move north through the state, but apparently it also varies west-to-east in Duluth. But don’t take my word for it. I’m a transplant, twice.

Neighbors: Linguist keeps ear open for Duluth accents

Northern Lights at Caribou Lake

The aurora was amazing last night! I stitched stills from last night into a video. Taken at Caribou Lake, north of Duluth.

Bird on the loose

bird on a ledgeAnyone in Superior missing a pet?  My wife got this pic this morning. The bird is currently in the care of Wildwoods.

Green update for Duluth water infrastructure?

Duluth definitely has some gravity-fed municipal water lines running down the hill. Perhaps as we repair/replace our aging water lines we could make upgrades that will generate electricity.

Portland now generates electricity from turbines installed in city water pipes

Help get Locally Laid at the Super Bowl

Locally Laid Egg Co. is one of the top four finalists in a nationwide contest to win a free commercial during the Super Bowl. (Vote here.)

National spotlight for Wrenshall egg farm?

Kink in Duluth

The Onion:
Masochist dog enjoys being walked around on leash while naked

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