Sloppy Cloud Cult post-rainout acoustic set clips from the Twin Ports Bridge Festival

It started raining at the Twin Ports Bridge Festival pretty much the moment Cloud Cult hit the stage. About four songs into the set it started pouring. When the announcement came that the show couldn’t continue, the crowd slowly dispersed, then rushed back when the band started performing unplugged as the rain relented. When informed they needed to get off the wet stage, the band climbed into the pit area behind the guard rail to belt out another tune. Then they escaped under the stage and the downpour resumed.

Check out Nate Lindstrom’s photo gallery of the Bridge Fest at the N. Lindstrom Photo website.


Paul Lundgren

about 11 years ago

Most people had already headed for dryer ground when Cloud Cult returned. I was at the exit and turned around and went back to see what the commotion was all about.


about 11 years ago

What was the turnout for BridgeFest?


about 11 years ago

Looks like about the same as what tonight's turnout will be.  And I wanted Bob to have nice weather for his once-every-ten-years show.  Dear Bob, thanks for not having Bingham at this show and instead getting one of the premier fretboard artists of your generation, wise choice.

Lawmakers,  while fleecing me for spare change, and now requiring my water-wings be registered, just wanted you to know you won't be getting my boat registration money this time, dirty state of MN lawmaker maggot blossoms.  And for all you coastguard jackasses running over canoes at 50 mph to make sure we're all being safe before you run us down like dogs, you can suck it too. How's that for peace and love?  I do my yoga in private, naked.


about 11 years ago

Playing just because they want to play. 

That is music right there.


about 11 years ago

I can't not share one of my fav images of the night. 



about 11 years ago

Anyone who was at Bridge Fest from 9:00am on could tell you it was raining from 12:00 or so on. Granted it wasn't a downpour, it was light and steady, but rain nonetheless. Batter Boy, Saint Anyway, The Kingston Trio, and most of the afternoon speakers played/talked in it; so it didn't just start when Cloud Cult went up.

Paul Lundgren

about 11 years ago

It did rain earlier, but it stopped raining for at least an hour and then resumed at the beginning of Cloud Cult's set.

Shane Bauer

about 11 years ago

Adam, the final tally was around 2300, but it sure didn't look like it - had to be spread out over the course of the day, which started early this year (9:45 with Adam Sippola kicking off the Water Ceremony). The rain/forecast was a crowd killer in the early afternoon and later evening.

That attendance number includes almost 1000 comp tickets redeemed by sponsors and mostly local nonprofit organizations that serve developmentally disabled and disadvantaged community members, a few veterans, low-income families, mentors with their mentees, Paul Lundgren's posse, etc.

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