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Off Street Parking?

My wife and I own a home with 2 vehicles, and no off street parking. This can become a pain when we want to leave town for a long weekend and the sides switch on Sunday. I haven’t done too much investigating, but is there a decent solution to having to be back on Sunday night to move it, aside from selling a vehicle, asking someone to move it for us or taking the parking ticket? Is there a local lot that has a reasonable rate for several days of parking? Anybody anybody?

Photog seeking props

I’m working on a little side project, more or less some product shots. I’m looking to borrow a few items that I haven’t been able to turn up while thrifting which has been mind boggling seeing as how they are pretty common items. Well, for the most part. I think I should only need these for a day, two tops.

Abandonment Issues

My wife and I bought our first house almost 2 years ago in the Chester Park area of town. It’s an extremely small lot, neighboring houses are no less than 10 feet from ours on both the south and west sides. I love our house, it’s pretty much awesome. The neighbors, or lack thereof, however…..

Ridiculous Amount of Graffiti in Duluth

Is it just me, or is there an insane amount of vandalism in Duluth this spring? It seems like everywhere I go there’s a bunch of random scribbles on everything. I’m even seeing it on the sides of people’s houses! I went for a walk down in the ol’ Canal Park this morning, the first time this year since the thaw, only to be pretty disappointed by what I found.

Where in Duluth?

This one is probably pretty easy, but bonus if you know what it’s for. (I don’t, so you could probably make something up.)

Nate Lindstrom Photo Exhibit

Featured photographer Nate Lindstrom’s photography will be exhibited at the Duluth Photography Institute, 405 E. Superior St. in Duluth through February. There is a free public reception at the DPI facility on Saturday, Jan. 29, from 5 to 8 p.m.

Duluth Christmas Tree Disposal

It’s about that time to take down the tree and we are looking for a place to dispose of it. Does anyone know of any organizations or businesses that aid in this? Burning isn’t an option.

Sinkholes come to Duluth

Maybe a month ago a hole appeared out of nowhere on the avenue in front of our house. Not a pothole mind you, more like a door leading to a banquet hall. I myself have examined it, as well as just about every curious soul in the neighborhood. I’ve even seen people throw their trash in it.  At this point it’s roughly a foot in diameter, but opens up into quite a cavernous void directly below the asphalt. My wife can insert her leg up to her hip and fully extend it.

Duluth Transmission Shop?

My clutch pedal started binding on the way to work today (lame). I haven’t had to have any transmission/clutch work done so I’m at a loss as to where to go. PDD, recommend me a shop!

Free The Hikers: The 59th Day benefit,

Shane Bauer, Josh Fattal and Sarah Shourd have been detained in Iran since July 31, 2009, when news reports say they accidentally crossed an unmarked border during a hiking trip in the mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan. They were in a peaceful region of Iraq that is increasingly popular with Western tourists.

The three young Americans, all graduates of the University of California at Berkeley, are believed to be held in the Iranian capital, Tehran. They have not been charged with any crime, have had no contact with their families, and have not been granted their right to consular access.

Shane, Josh and Sarah care greatly about the world. They admire and respect different cultures and religions and share a love of travel that has taken them to many countries. That’s why they went to Kurdistan, not because they wanted to enter Iran.

Shane Bauer grew up in Onamia, Minnesota.  His sister and brother-in-law live in Duluth.  We are holding a fundraiser for them on Sept. 27 to raise money and support the effort to bring them home as soon as possible.

Please consider supporting any way you can!  All proceeds will go to the families to help defray the costs of travel,  awareness, etc. that are adding up daily.

Fundraiser Sept. 27

5 p.m. Hiking Meditation in honor of the hikers.  By donation.  All proceeds go toward Free the Hikers. Details to follow!
6-9 p.m. Silent Auction and live music at the Spiritual Deli

Donations needed for the silent auction!

Please contact us if you have something to offer!  All donations greatly appreciated!  218.722.9378 or [email protected]

Learn more, be informed. Visit The families and friends of the three hikers created this site to tell the story of Shane, Josh and Sarah and keep the world informed about their situation.