Low drones the Garden

So, as many of you have probably heard, Low played the “Rock the Garden” show at the Walker Art Gallery on Saturday and caused a bit of a ruckus by playing just one 27-minute song.

Now MPR asks, “What do artists owe you?”


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about 6 years ago

Hmmm.  Perhaps this would help correct the disappointment I have felt since "Drums."


about 6 years ago

Whoa, something challenging, thought provoking, daring, political, conceptual and controversial at a Modern Art Museum?


about 6 years ago

The Red Star version of One More Reason To Forget went well over 15 minutes...

A pittance compared to some Scarlet > Fire > Drums > Space > Drums > Space > Other One segue threads I've heard.

Folks just gotta have something to bitch about.


about 6 years ago

Not enough cowbell?


about 6 years ago

Never! Enough! Cowbell!

If they played a half hour set, and each tune averages...four, four and a half minutes...a minute or so for tuning change and maybe a little banter...you'd be lucky to get an EP's worth of music if they broke it up and played several songs.

I don't understand why everyone is getting their panties in a twist...it's Low. You want twenty five songs in thirty minutes? You're better off with Minor Threat.


about 6 years ago

Then there was this piece of literary criticism, so on point and profound, while tying the whole thing together...

"On Saturday the band, Low, played a single 27-minute song in a festival atmosphere, to questionable reviews, reminiscent of the reaction to Dylan in pre-Twitter days."

I think I'm gonna be sick...


about 6 years ago

I like short songs.


about 6 years ago

Funny, at one point during the Bob Mould show I thought, "I wouldn't mind hearing Reoccurring Dreams right about now." But I guess that's only 15 minutes long. If they had played the extended dance mix, they coulda stretched it out to 25mn!


about 6 years ago

Seriously, this goes to show what happens when a scene takes itself too seriously. Here's hoping there's a Spin or Rolling Stone writeup. ++Good Alan, Mim and Steve ... way to go!

Paul Lundgren

about 6 years ago

Reed Fischer has a pretty good take on it in City Pages.

In defense of Low's "Waltz?"

Jim Richardson

about 6 years ago

"Maybe you should go out and write your own damn song, and move on."  -Low, "Plastic Cup"


about 6 years ago

From your comments it sounds like this band is pretty prone to things like this. Not sure how people could be shocked about it.

Now if I went and saw Madonna for 150++ dollars and she played a 27-minute version of Like a Prayer I would be pissed.

Paul Lundgren

about 6 years ago

Madonna does the opposite, playing medleys that include short versions of her hits. Of course, this should lead us to hope that Low will do a medley at its next show. That would wrap this up perfectly.

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