May 2013 Posts

T-Mobile Coverage

I was thinking of switching my cell phone to T-Mobile since it doesn’t require contracts anymore and has some decent prices. How good is the coverage? I would guess coverage is fine in Duluth/Superior, but how good is it as you head toward Ashland?

Tour the Music Resource Center

Let Nancy take you on a tour of the Music Resource Center and learn more about what goes on here. If you like what you see and would like to help us make it better you can donate online. Time is running short; we need to reach our goal by Friday! Please help if you can!

This week: belly dancing, local films and baseball


Here’s a sampling of what you have to look forward to this week on the PDD Calendar.

It’s Memorial Day. Go visit a cemetery.

Louis Jenkins and Mark Rylance will be reading poetry from Nice Fish and taking questions at the Teatro Zuccone on Tuesday.

The Duluth Superior Film Festival opens on Wednesday at several venues and runs through Sunday.

SocialCon 2013 is a social networking conference at Greysolon on Thursday.

This weekend the Amsoil Speedway opens for their summer season on Friday and the first ball of the Duluth Huskies 2013 season gets thrown out at Wade Stadium on Saturday.

You want dance? Desert Journeys, a belly dance concert, plays at the Washington Gallery on Saturday and Black Label Movement at Mitchell on Saturday and Sunday.

So what are you doing this week? Can we tag along? Any upcoming events that you want to promote? Let us know.

Duluth & North Shore Kayaking on NPR

NPR’s weekly sports show ended with a feature on the area’s whitewater kayaking. Hear Only A Game’s story on SoundCloud.

Some terrific photos are on the show’s Flickr stream, too.

Video Archive: 2003 Geek Fashions

One week prior to the Hospital People morning-show spazzing, there was a brief fashion show on NewsChannel 3 This Morning to highlight what some of the uncool kids would be wearing to Geek Prom. Set the Wayback Machine to Spring 2003.

By the way, morning-show host Scott McLinden is in Texoma, Texas, these days, anchoring News 12 at Nine on FOX 12. (I can’t remember the name of the co-host in this clip). Geek Prom MC Jonathan Lee is at the desk with them. Fashion models are Scott Lunt, Amy Abts, yours truly Paul Lundgren, Michelle Rowley and August Rowley.

Berserkon Day I: An Intimate Experience



Day 1 of Berserkon was quiet… intimate…  Fox21 has the story, although this is not the “first ever” — just first at the DECC.  There were smaller events at Norway Hall, for example, in the early 2000s.

What is North by North?

Can someone tell me what North by North is?

Help the East High Key Club

Hey PDDers, the East High School Key Club is organizing a plant sale to help out the First Witness Child Advocacy Center. The Plant Sale is Saturday, May 25, starting at 8 a.m. And they need some donations of plants ASAP! Got any extra perennials? Hand them over! You can either email funds4roots @ or you can drop off any donations of plants tomorrow morning from 6:30 a.m. to 7:45 a.m. at the Leif Erickson Rose Garden parking lot. Every penny raised will go to First Witness’ Roots of Hope emergency fund. Thanks and sorry for the last-minute plea.

The Key Club plant sale is part of the Duluth Flower and Garden Society’s 2013 plant sale at the Rose Garden.

Dan Spooner of the Hill City Squad

[This post originally contained an embedded video that is no longer available at its source.]

Video by Hunter Gulan

Environmental Education: Night on Native Plants at the Superior Public Library

Wildwoods was one of the guests at this event:

The guest speakers included Carol Andrews with the Arrowhead Chapter of Wild Ones, Jane Anklam with the West Wisconsin Land Trust, Paul Hlina with Leaning Pine native plants and Darienne McNamara with the city of Superior SAMP program.  Kate and Nancy, the Education and Volunteer Coordinator at Wildwoods, staffed a table for Q&A.  Kate described the event this way:  Although a small audience in attendance, the speakers provided valuable information regarding native plants, the importance of wetlands, and conservation of land for public benefit.

The event was organized by Wendy Up North.

Chester Creek Survey 3


Chester Creek Cafe is looking for a prep cook – great environment.

BWCA or Bust

The husband-and-wife photography team of Dawn M. LaPointe and Gary L. Fiedler have a pretty sweet online photo gallery. The canoeing snow-people in particular caught my eye. LaPointe and Fiedler have work on display at two Duluth stores — Duluth Pack in Canal Park, and the Frame Corner & Gallery downtown.

PlayList visit from MRC musicians = cool/donate

Hannah and Curren, two musicians who have benefited from the Music Resource Center, were on The PlayList last week — young people doing their thing and being articulate and cool — what more can we ask for?

After you watch them talk about what they do, go here and donate to the Indiegogo campaign to make more of their and other young musicians’ work happen here in Duluth and Superior. The campaign ends in a little over a week — help them now if you can.

Out on a limb for a place to live in Duluth

I am looking for a place to live with my dog Jack. I’m not having any luck using conventional methods, so am going out on a limb to see if this route might help.

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