May 2013 Posts

Field Guide to Duluth Apostrophe’s

While PDD users are vigilant in reporting sightings of improper apostrophe use — what for these purposes we call the Duluth Apostrophe, or “the DA” — these reports are widely scattered over many different posts. I decided to correct the situation by aggregating all known examples of the DA, past and present, into a single post.

Here is the list, in alphabetical order, followed by the locations of each example.

Upset Duluth – Jacqui’s Market

For the Upset Duluth collection. Photo by Bob King.

Greysolon Plaza residents upset to lose their corner store as landlord goes upscale

Mystic Moon Festival and Camping

Mystic Moon Festival and Camping is a three-part series of events located in North Central Wisconsin under the full moon, stars, and sun, encompassing a 600-acre plot of land with plenty of room for camping and recreation. The first part in the series, June 21 to 23, features 48 hours of non-stop Electronic Dance Music presented by the creators of DS Frequency’s Aura series, the 2011 and 2012 beach “Luna Parties,” Wrekt Records and Groove Shop North.

Ruh Roh, Don Ness!

Danes firstDuluth next?

Four mayors in Denmark now know what it’s like to become a target of an international recording label out for blood over copyright. The controversy stems from the publication of a YouTube video featuring the officials dancing to Gangnam Style. Universal Music, the company holding the copyright to the original track, have warned the mayors that unless they pay $42,000 by tomorrow, a copyright infringement battle will follow.

The Largest of the Duluth Apostrophe’s

I don’t remember if this one has been added to the database yet here. I took this photo about a year ago, and noticed the sign is still up this week for all of I-35 traffic to see.

Got that firm yet gentle touch?

Locally Laid Egg Company (Lola) is looking for a shift supervisor for Thursday night egg washing. Contact Jason @ for details.

Duluth Outer Harbor Views

Will Charlie Parr and Trampled by Turtles meet for tea in London?

While researching an article that appears in the July issue of Lake Superior Magazine, which is on newsstands now, I noticed something interesting on the European tour schedules for Charlie Parr and Trampled by Turtles.

Read the excerpt below for the tidbit, and start planning your trip to London to get acquainted with the Duluth music scene. And pick up a copy of the magazine to get the full scoop on our local sensations.

Wolf Blood

Ars Technica has an interesting article on Isle Royale wolf ecology.

See also:  Wolf Blood.

Who in Minnesota?

In a twist on our usual game of “Where in Duluth?” we instead ask, in reference to the photo above, who in Minnesota? The image above was shot circa 1970 near what is now Elm Creek Park Reserve, a 4,900-acre park straddling Maple Grove, Champlin and Dayton, near Osseo.

On the right in the photo is Gary Lund, former owner of Gary’s Place, a bar in Carver. These days Gary’s Place is Lisa’s Place, where there will be a benefit for Gary on June 1.

But who is that on the left? He is famous enough that you should know.

Save the Date — June 29 — PDDX

Trampled by Turtles and Atmosphere play Bayfront Park on June 29. If you are nerdy enough, you also know that is the date Perfect Duluth Day will be ten years old, and we always have a snappy little PDD b-day shindig. So we’re tying them together.

Announcing …

PDDX: Perfect Duluth Day’s Tenth Birthday / Trampled by Turtles & Atmosphere Pre-Concert Party

Thirties scene in Duluth?

I am wondering where people in their 30s go out for a few drinks in Duluth? I’m not interested in the college scene.

Rock-hopping Chester Creek

Sign of Spring: Infants at Wildwoods

Infants are here!

Board Openings at ARAC

The Arrowhead Regional Arts Council has several openings on its board of directors. It is seeking applications from individuals who reside in Cook County, Koochiching County, Duluth, as well as one or two at-large representatives, and possibly one college student liaison.

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