Lights out at the ‘Big L’

I just noticed the Spirit Bottle Shoppe at 5801 Grand Ave. in West Duluth is closed and the building is for sale. I will miss the big red light and friendly service.

(Tiny photo circa 2004 by Barrett Chase.)



about 12 years ago

I've always thought that sign was more about the q.


about 12 years ago

I too will miss the "Big L." Always a great Place. I'm sure the new Super One Liquors put a few nails in the coffin. Sadly, Wild West may be next.  I hope the the Big L sign never comes off the building.  As a child who grew up just up the street from this place I remember the tittle above the letter "i" used to blink.


about 12 years ago

That neon would look good on the set of the Paul Lundgren Show.


about 12 years ago

I, too, was a fan of the q.


about 12 years ago

They delivered!


about 12 years ago

This actually makes me way more sad than the Blatnik bridge going dark. Maybe MNdot could chip in for the big L too?


about 12 years ago

I live only two blocks away, so it's kind of a bummer to see it close.  I used to make an attempt to spread my business around the West Duluth liquor stores.  As opposed to trying to save a buck in Superior or up at Cash Wise.  But the Big L dropped in the rotation after getting lukewarm beer a few times in a row. No amount of buy local good cheer is going to convince me to enjoy beer at European temps.


about 12 years ago

That is a lovely sign! It really flaunts some style.

Paul Lundgren

about 12 years ago

The mighty "liquor" sign was removed recently and is apparently being stored in a pole barn.

It brings a tear to my eye.


about 12 years ago

West Duluth has changed so much over the past five or so years. Arby's came in and replaced Hardee's. All those buildings and houses were torn down by Denfeld and two big additions were built. Across the street, NAPA and CVS moved into new buildings. KFC was torn down and rebuilt. Super One took over the liquor store on Central. Plenty of businesses have changed in the mall by Kmart. Laura MacArthur was ripped down and rebuilt across the street. And now the Big L sign coming down. (And I'm sure this isn't a complete list.)

I hope they do something with the liquor store building. The bakery place next door is closed, that old market on the corner has been an eyesore for a long time, and it's been years since they ripped the front off of that church across 59th and left it sitting there. That area is starting to look really divey.

Paul Lundgren

about 12 years ago

Well, that was fast. The place is already painted and well on the way to selling nutritional protein shakes and juices.

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