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I am looking for a mechanic to help me keep my 1988 Honda NX250 running. Preferably a mom-and-pop shop for all my motorcycle repair needs, or someone who works on bikes on the side for cash/barter. Will drive up to 100 miles outside of the Twin Ports if needed. Any advice is appreciated!



about 13 years ago

Remove the carburetor, and bring it in to a shop.  It is almost certainly filled with gelled gas.


about 13 years ago

Just to clarify -- and to maybe get some good recommendations -- the bike is currently running fine. I have a new set of front shocks and brake pads that I would like to have a knowledgeable person install.

Divine Wind

about 13 years ago

The Ronin might be able to help. We are a loosely knit band of master-less and itinerant vintage Honda riders with our own un-disclosed HQ/Clubhouse/Garage. We promote DIY bike maintenance, safety, and fellowship. We owe no allegiance to the Shogun. If you are willing to wrench for yourself (while we give tips from the side) and have something to offer in return (not $$) then perhaps we can make a deal. Leave your email here. I'll bring it up at the next meeting.

Henry Jenkins

about 13 years ago

Now that we know Duluth has a secret Honda riders group, is there any chance we also have a Yamaha one?

Will E. Coyote

about 13 years ago

What does the Ronin say about an extremely hard to come by front disc brake cable for the early Honda 400s that they don't make anymore, but remunu all the other cables for, except that one? Contact sevenseaspainting @ ymail.com with opinions, much appreciated, Scrambler much appreciates too, it just can't wait to get on the road again.


about 13 years ago

I have heard Big Lake Cycle Emporium is good to work with. I will let you know once I bring my junk there to be worked on how it went.  Give them a call and ask if they can help you out.


about 13 years ago

Bill Kolojeski 269-3229

Dave Sorensen

about 13 years ago

That's a nice bike. I wonder  if small enduros will catch on in the US. 

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