December 2010 Posts

Duluth Citizenship Test

Today jessige and I were having lunch together and we pondered the question: how long do you have to live here to be considered a native? (We’re both transplants from Eau Claire, Wisconsin that have lived in this area for ten years or more.)

Well, that topic has been done before here on the ol’ PDD (someone else can find it, I wasn’t able to), so we extrapolated it to “what questions would you put on a ‘Duluth Citizenship’ test?”

What are the essential things that you have to know to be considered a native Duluthian?

YeeHaw! It’s 2011 at Chester Creek Cafe!

Come join us on Saturday, Jan. 1, from 6-8pm as we ring in the 2011 New Year at the Chester Creek Cafe Wine Bar. Listen to the sweet sounds of Sonja Steen and Old Western with happy hour 4-7pm and appetizer specials!

New Year’s Eve Fun and Funny Pool Table

The Lamplighter in Souptown is under new ownership and is re-opening this week! Remember the L-shaped pool table? It could be yours to win! Just come in and register for the free raffle before midnight! The lucky winner will have five days to haul it to it’s new home! Oh, the stories that it could tell.

Duluth’s Point of Rocks

The main personality split in Duluth occurs about where an interfering spine of rocks comes down from the hill to Superior Street just a few blocks west of midtown. West of this point of rocks Duluth is politically left, east of it it is politically right. But there is a certain uniting force in cold weather, of which Duluth has its share.

–From “Duluth,” an essay by Arthur W. Baum
in the April 16, 1949, Saturday Evening Post

The Peerless Auto Body Fire post on PDD sparked some discussion of the former Peerless location near Point of Rocks, which led to some interest in the history of Point of Rocks.

So, here we go …

Where in Duluth?

Time once again to play Perfect Duluth Day’s marvelous photo quiz game, “Where in Duluth?” Where is this burglar alarm?

Am I the only one that sees this coming?

I have been reading a lot about peak oil and peak natural gas production lately. To me, these seem like they will be the biggest issues of the 21st century. We need oil and natural gas to drive our cars, heat our homes, grow our food, transport our goods, etc. Our whole economy relies on cheap, non-renewable fossil-fuel energy, so why is nobody talking about this?! I honestly feel that most of our national problems (the war in the Middle East, the economic recession, etc.) are largely due to a declining production of energy.

I know that some people are aware of this issue, but it seems most folks either don’t understand the full implications or simply just don’t care. It just grinds my gears when people assume that we will always be able to run our economy the way we’re running it now. What do you all think about this? Should we start preparing Duluth for a post-oil world, or do we just ignore it and see what happens?

Peerless Auto Body Fire

I woke up at 4am to pee and saw this blaze out my window. It was so huge, we thought it might be Prax-Air. As of 8 a.m., it’s still burning.

Maria Bamford is officially a freak

Former Duluthian Maria Bamford and her series of Target ads made AdWeek’s 30 freakiest ads of 2010.

For What it’s Worth, part deux

Two Many Banjos – Fatwa

A coupla folks have said some kind things about the Gartband CD Fatwa, so here it is for free for a week or so.

Merry chrimbus!

2011 Community Potluck & Open House

Yoga North invites the public to a Community Potluck & Open House on Sunday, Jan. 2, 2-5pm. This is our annual kick-off to our Winter session of classes.

Ann Maxwell RYT 500

Enjoy free half-hour demo yoga classes, discounts on everything (including class registration, workshops, props, mats, posture and philosophy books, clothing, etc.), as well as community time with instructors and fellow students.

Bring a dish to share along with a plate and utensils for yourself. Yoga North is located in the Lakeside neighborhood of Duluth in St. Michael’s Elementary School at 4628 Pitt St. in Duluth.  Enter at the far east Pitt Street door.

This is a great time to start yoga. Our Winter session of classes begins Monday, Jan. 3, including over 20 weekly classes in Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Yin and Restorative yoga. New classes include “Your Body” yoga, “Yamas & Niyamas on the Mat,” “Boundless Yoga,” and additional Hatha yoga classes added to the schedule, helping to make yoga available to everyone despite their schedules.

Come to the open house to learn more! New and returning students welcome.

Duluth Meal Deals and Happy Hours

I took a lot of heat from friends for always going to Green Mill for Happy Hour. $5 apps that make me think of college, you know.

But it made me think about meal deals around town for happy hour. What do you got?

1. Green Mill, $5 apps
2. Midi: Is this right? Buy one, get one entrees?
3. Blackwater: $5 pizzas? How big are these pizzas?
4. Thai Krathong: All you can eat Pad Thai Tuesday? Does it include beef/shrimp/chicken?
5. Sammy’s Woodland: All you can eat pizza buffet Tuesdays?


1. Lunch at Saigon Cafe, buffet for $5.99?

What else can you add to this list? I want to eat out in new and exciting places this week!

Rolling papers

Simple question: What gas station has rolling papers, close to Fitger’s?

The Ongoing Tom & Jerry Batter Issue

So, perhaps you have been following along with the recent comments on last year’s PDD Gift Guide regarding Connolly’s Tom And Jerry Batter. The news that came out there is that Upper Lakes Foods, which owns the Connolly family recipe, no longer has a manufacturer to produce it. The supply ran out shortly after Thanksgiving, leaving consumers with the choice of either buying inferior brands or making the batter themselves.

The folks at Heavy Table took up the topic today with a little history of the fine tradition of applying sugary frosting to one’s booze, along with a recommended recipe.

Hopefully Connolly’s will be back on shelves next year. (As Baci noted in the old post, perhaps a PDD army will have to step in and rent a kitchen to crank it out if need be.) It’s been a popular fixture in these parts for over 60 years, having originated at Connolly’s Bakery on Belknap Street in Superior. Other brands simply don’t compare.

Low – “Witches”

Live from the Larimer Lounge in Denver, Colo., Dec. 18, 2010.
Video by Manuel Aragon.

Mt. Bohemia Anyone?

Has anyone skied Mt. Bohemia in the U.P.? They’re calling it “one of the top ten undiscovered ski resorts in the world” which seems a tall order. Matching cheap Porky pass… The trees at the cliff bases look dangerous, plus the five-hour drive, but their promo video is classic. Somebody must know something?