Duluth librarian writes book

From a Duluth Public Library Facebook posting:

Librarian writes book! Not quite as unusual as man bites dog, but it’s big news around here. Forgotten Duluthians, a book that profiles 39 people from Duluth and their accomplishments, was written by David Ouse, the library’s manager of reference services.

Included are actors and actresses, dancers, philosophers, writers, space scientists, diplomats, artists, Garfield the Cat (voice of), and Joe DiMaggio’s first wife. Forgotten Duluthians is available for purchase now at the Main Library Circulation Desk and … at both branch libraries.

The cost is $14.95 plus tax. The book can also be purchased on the library website (look at the Gift Shop page. All proceeds from sales go to the library. (And, of course, you can use your library card to check it out as well.)



about 11 years ago

The book is also available at Northern Lights. I saw it prominently displayed there.

Dave Lull

about 11 years ago

Pat Coleman, Senior Curator at the Minnesota Historical Society, commented on Twitter:

"Joe DiMaggio's wife. Voice of Garfield the cat. Author of "Silver Chief." All in the very fun new book 'Forgotten Duluthians' by David Ouse."


Dave Lull

about 11 years ago

Here's a listing of the Duluthians covered:

Dorothy Arnold, (1917-1984, actress) -- Millie Baker (1887-1915, opera singer) -- Margaret Culkin Banning (1891-1982, writer) -- Sidney Buchman (1902-1975, film producer, writer) -- Hugh Cameron (1877-1941, actor) -- Ira Cook (1916-2007, disc jockey, songwriter) -- Tommy Cook (1930-, actor) -- Irving Copi (1917-2002, philosopher, teacher) -- Marguerite De La Motte (1903-1950, actress, dancer) -- Carol Dempster (1898-1991, silent film actress) -- Henry C. Dworshak (1894-1962, U. S. senator) -- Lois Dworshak (1913-1988, Ice Capades skater) -- David Ericson (1869-1946, artist) -- Jane Frazee (1915-1985, singer, dancer, actress) -- Robert R. Gilruth (1913-2000, pioneer in manned space flight) -- Roger Grimsby (1928-1995, television news anchor) -- Margaret Ann Hubbard (1909-1992, writer) -- Mary Allen Hulbert (1862-1939, friend of Woodrow Wilson) -- Abraham Kaplan (1918-1993, philosopher, educator, writer) -- Clifton Karhu (1921-2007, wood-block artist) -- Raymond Kark (1937-1986, actor) -- Peggy Knudsen (1923-1980, actress) -- Don LaFontaine (1940-2008, voiceover announcer) -- Bertha Bull Lum (1869-1954, artist) -- Don Marlowe (1919-1978, actor) -- Philip Morris (1893-1949, actor) -- Lorenzo Music (1937-2001, actor, writer) -- Henry & Henrietta Nesbitt (1866-1938 & 1874-1963, Roosevelt White House staff) -- Charles Nolte (1923-2010, actor, teacher) -- Richard Nolte (1920-2007, diplomat, Middle East expert) -- Jack O'Brien (1897-1938, adventurer, author) -- Hickman Powell (1900-1966, writer) -- Clinton F. Russell (1895-1961, blind golf champion) -- Winifred Sanford (1890-1983, writer) -- Emily Schupp (Lada) (1888-1964, interpretative dancer) -- Adelaide Thurston (1871-1951, actress) -- Abbott M. Washburn (1915-2003, federal official) -- Claude C. Washburn (1883-1926, writer)

Dave Lull

about 11 years ago

The Duluth Budgeteer News published an interview with David Ouse:

New book sheds light on Duluth's forgotten past What started as a hobby finished as a book about some of the most famous Duluthians you've probably never heard of, or know little about. By: Erik Pfeifer:

Dave Lull

about 11 years ago

Jim Heffernan reviewed Forgotten Duluthians on his blog:

Wednesday, May 18, 2011 Forgotten Duluthians well remembered...
http://www.jimheffernan.org/2011/05/forgotten-duluthians-well-remembered.html By the way, Forgotten Duluthians has been nominated for a Northeastern Minnesota Book Award (NEMBA). Tonight is the 23rd Annual NEMBA Book Fair, Reception, Featured Speaker, and Awards Presentation: http://www.d.umn.edu/lib/nemba/

Dave Lull

about 9 years ago

David Ouse is writing new profiles of forgotten Duluthians not included in his book that are being posted regularly by Zenith City:

David Ouse : Forgotten Duluthians

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