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Trampled by Turtles and Prairie Home

Remember when I suggested we do what we can to get Trampled by Turtles on the upcoming A Prairie Home Companion show in Duluth? Well, we did it. Check out PHC Facebook page.

#9 … #9 … Duluth in Top 10 Coldest Cities

The Daily Beast: America’s 25 Coldest Cities

Let’s Get TBT on Prairie Home

OK first, this is a first. Me writing to suggest we organize an effort to get someone on the stage of A Prairie Home Companion when the show comes to Duluth in February. It’s not quite like calling a local radio station to request a song, but not all that far off either.

It reminds me of the time I called Sirius XM ’60s on 6 host Phlash Phelps when Duluth was the mystery city of the day. I actually sent him about a dozen quick facts which he used throughout the morning. Patty was not amused.

I like Trampled by Turtles (listening now while I pour through data for a report) and believe they’d be a natural for the PHC audience. So, I’ve posted on the PHC Facebook page suggesting they contact the group to see if they’re available. Maybe you’ll consider a similar post.

Setting Duluth’s Priorities

Here’s a chance to voice your opinion about Duluth’s priorities, the quality of city services, and performance standards. Three focus groups will be held in late January and you can apply to become one of the participants. If selected, you’ll receive $35 for your participation.

To complete an application survey, go to either duluthmn.gov or zenithgroup.com.

The research is being paid for by a grant from the National Center for Civic Innovation. Zenith Research Group of Duluth will conduct each of the 90-minute sessions. More than one member of each household can enter, part of an effort to reach a diverse and representative sampling of city residents. A full news release is available for review on the city’s website.

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