December 2010 Posts

New Year’s Eve Road Report

Anyone been out there today? What’s the story on the road conditions? We may venture out for a bit tonight if we can make the ice-filled walk to the car and then navigate the inch of ice on the driveway.

Amsoil Arena

I went to the game last night and other than the remarkably crappy hockey, I have to say that in my already-addressed 10 years in Duluth, I have never been more proud to be a Duluthian.

What a great building, and as Mayor Ness said, what a great achievement for the men and women who built it and the folks who work there. On my way in I heard employees welcoming people, and on the way out I was thanked for coming and invited back, and it was actually sincere. It’s a beautiful facility and I’m so glad that our community voted to build it.

I think 61% of the city would now vote to get the Bulldogs some defense, but that would be a different referendum.

Anyway, thanks to all of those who worked to get the arena, those who worked on the arena, and those who work in it now. It was a great experience and I’m looking forward to many, many more. I would encourage everyone to visit the open house, even if you’re not a hockey fan. It’s going to be a great venue for concerts and other events, too.

Live music all day at Beaner’s

23 bands at Beaner’s for New Year’s Eve!

Yellowlab found

A yellowlab puppy, intact, was found on House Street and 101st Ave W. No tags, blue collar. Please call for information — 715-520-0111

Blatnik Bridge Under Construction


I found this old slide and thought I would share it since these pictures seem to be a bit rare around here. It is a Kodachrome.

From Tragedy to Hope: Haiti Benefit

Tuesday, Jan. 4, 5-8PM at Beaner’s Central
More info at:

Live music will feature Jessica Myshack:

Full .PDF news release here.

Hope to see you all there!!!


Grand Marais’s own Lonnie Dupre to attempt Denali in January.

Lonnie Dupre to attempt Denali SoloLonnie Dupre Will Attempt to be First to Climb Mt. McKinley Alone in January!

49-year-old Lonnie Dupre from Grand Marais wants to be the first person to summit Denali SOLO in January. I wish him good luck and look forward to following his blog along the way!

Recent POD Cast – 12/30/2010 – From Talkeetna, Alaska

Learn More Here:

New Year’s Eve Nerdliness

Dragon Port Games will have an overnighter to ring in the New Year. Games of all types are available to play for free, and experts will gladly show you how to play something new. They might even let you win.

Kids are welcome with their parents, too; soft drinks and snacks will be available for purchase.

Swing by. Official schedule includes:

Friday, Dec. 31
4:30pm – Warhammer Fantasy
6:30pm – Friday Night Magic

–Saturday, Jan. 1
10am – Warhammer 40k Open Gaming
12pm – Flames Of War
12-6pm – Fight with your company in the Mediterranean, Italy, Western Europe, and Eastern Europe. This campaign will be 8 weeks long. Details.

The store formally reopens at 10 am on Saturday, New Year’s Day.

Who’s running for mayor in Superior?

Dave Ross is out after two terms as Superior mayor. He’s taking a job as secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing.

Candidates must file the required number of signatures by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 4 to get on the ballot for mayor in Superior.

According to City Clerk Terri Kalan, only former three-term mayor Bruce Hagen has filed both his declaration papers and nomination signatures so far. Two other candidates, Mick MacKenzie and Kevin Peterson have filed their declaration to run, but have not turned in the 200 nominating signatures yet.

“However,” Kalan notes, “the mayor did not file his declaration of non-candidacy — that’s a form they fill out when they have no intent to run. That deadline was Monday. By not filing that, if he does not file for mayor by next Tuesday — which now it sounds like he won’t — that holds open the deadline three more days. So, it’ll be pushed back until Friday at 5 p.m. — but we won’t know that for sure until Tuesday at 5 p.m.”

In a news release, Ross said:

“I am honored to be a part of Governor Scott Walker’s administration. The Department of Regulation and Licensing can play an important role in streamlining and reforming state government. Governor Walker has sent a clear message, ‘Wisconsin is open for business’, and I am proud to be a part of the team that will grow jobs in Wisconsin.”

Best Shows of 2010???

What were some of the best live shows you saw this past year in the Twin Ports area?

Tonight, for those with a radio …

Duluth Arena archive photos and timeline


With the grand opening of Amsoil Arena, the News Tribune Attic has been featuring a look back at its predecessor, the Duluth / DECC Arena, with photos and a timeline of notable events:

Photo gallery, early 1960s – grand opening in 1966

Photo gallery, grand opening program / brochure

Photo gallery, 1966 – 1975

Photo gallery, 1975 – present and timeline

Time and space prevented the inclusion of every notable concert and event held at the Arena in the timeline, but we’d still like to hear your stories and memories. If you think something else should be included, please post your Arena recollections in comments here or at the Attic site. Keep in mind, the focus is on the Arena, not the Auditorium.

Duluth Artist Paints Abroad


You may recall Ken Marunowski, former UMD faculty member and local artist (who premiered his work locally in an unconventional venue, the gallery space at Chester Creek Books and Antiques, last Spring).

Ken has been painting abroad: France, then South Africa, then France again.

Homegrown Band and Musician Registration

Band and musician registration for the music festival with the most impressive ratio of big:cheap begins Jan. 15 and ends Feb. 15. If that seems early, it’s ’cause we moved it up after suddenly realizing no one was gonna stop us.

The Duluth Homegrown Music Festival runs May 1 – May 8, 2011, and features 150 local bands at two dozen venues. As we enter our 13th (oooooh, so spooky!) year, Homegrown is run by a volunteer — but hardworking — steering committee of local music types who intend to show you a badass time.

Visit for a registration form, available as soon as signup begins. Be prepared with a couple of mp3s and photos, and maybe get around to asking your drummer his last name.

xoxo from the Chicken