Best Shows of 2010???

What were some of the best live shows you saw this past year in the Twin Ports area?



about 13 years ago

The Sparrow, Renegade Theatre, was easily one of the most innovative and mesmerizing shows of 2010.

Rent, Duluth Playhouse, was fabulous with great direction by Sheryl Jensen.

Red Moon Rising in the East, Play Ground, was an amazing tour de force by Chris Nollet.

Richard III, UMD, was a quick paced show that was a terrific ensemble piece. 

Sex Change, Renegade Theatre, was a terrific homegrown work with stand out performances.

And that's just for starters.  It's truly been a great year for live theater here in Duluth.

No Good Bum

about 13 years ago

Howlin' Andy Hound and the New Chrome Franks  at R.T.'s last Thursday was as bitchin' a show I've seen in quite awhile...unfortunately, there were about 10 people, maybe less, at the show. Also, the RGC/Meat Puppets show on Tuesday was pretty incredible. I wish I could remember farther back in the year but, wait...what was I talking about?


about 13 years ago

Boku Frequency @ the Twins Bar
Sh-Boom @ Chester Park
Blues Fest
2one8 @ Hillfest
Jeremy Messersmith @ Beaners
Spin Collective Fire Dancers @ El Diá de los Muertos/Duluth Library Plaza
Cloud Cult @ Mitchell Auditorium

Carl Miller

about 13 years ago

*House of Doughnuts @brewhouse.

*Meat-puppets/Retribution @Luce on Tuesday - Wow Retribution has its shit together; sounds like neo-zepplin.  

*A night in the Box @Luce@Rex@busking outside of Little Angie's.

*Dirty Horse Acoustic sex set @Chester and elsewhere.

*The Rez @ Bev's Jook Joint.

*Anytime Howlin' Andy plugs his guitar in

*Leo Kottke @Bayfront

*Keller Williams @Clyde Iron


about 13 years ago

The Two Many Banjos - Dead Man Winter show at Luce on 12/15 was spectacular.

Amy S.

about 13 years ago

Cracker at Beaners

Gay Witch Abortion with the Keep Aways at Luce

Turtles/ Snakes at Clyde Iron

The Friendly Old Knifey

about 13 years ago

I'm going to be completely biased and mention shows in which I was directly involved.

The Let It Be show at Pizza Luce was my favorite moment as a musician. It seemed like a lot of people enjoyed it, as well. 

Our second annual Holiday Variety Show went off without a hitch.
Homegrown was fun. 

Duluth Does the Rolling Stones was pretty boring until a bunch of us decided to go play an unplanned finale. Sharing the stage with all those musicians was a blast.


about 13 years ago

Everything is Terrible.


about 13 years ago

Any Renegade Improv show ... those folks are goddam hilarious.

POS and Dessa at Luce, what a great show

Black-eyed Snakes at Rock the Block.


about 13 years ago

Retribution Gospel Choir at Honor Your Mother Earth Festival in Leif Erickson Park distorted the evening stars. Best outdoor show of the year.


about 13 years ago

12/31 night owl many great free shows thanks marc


about 13 years ago

Rubber Chicken New Year's Eve.

Rubber Chicken

about 13 years ago

Farglebargle rules!


about 13 years ago

This was an amazing year on the Duluth arts scene! The Playhouse scored with Rent, The Secret Garden, White Christmas, and the Producers. I also loved Fiddler on the Roof Junior and the Rocky Horror Show there. At Renegade, it was The Who and Man of La Mancha that rocked my world. And, in December, I saw Richard III at UMD and Amahl & the Night Visitors, presented by the Lyric opera of the Northland -- both were incredible. Nutcracker at the DECC gets better and better every year, love the new set. And, of course, Celebrity Dance Challenge, with Suzanne Kritzberg and Eric Huie doing some Bollywood dancing that got everyone up on their feet. 

Music-wise, I was blown away by the Black Eyed Snakes performing in front of Fitgers one lovely spring afternoon. Also loved RGC and TBT at the Norshor, though I hate crowds. And Ballyhoo's Reunion at RT Quinlan's during Homegrown was a total blast, I love their sound and hope they have another reunion. Another Homegrown treat: Patrick McKinnon screaming "fuck" over and over to musical accompaniment at Chester Creek Cafe. Don't know if they will ever invite HIM back.

Loved the various performances held at Chester Creek during the Kozy survivors benefit, esp. Marc Gartman. That was so cool, and a great, intimate space for an acoustic performance!

And of course, two excellent book launches I have to include: Margi Preus's book launch at Zeitgeist for Gift of a Samurai and Laurie Hertzel's book launch at Fitgers Spirit of the North Theatre for News to Me.

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