New Year’s Eve Road Report

Anyone been out there today? What’s the story on the road conditions? We may venture out for a bit tonight if we can make the ice-filled walk to the car and then navigate the inch of ice on the driveway.



about 11 years ago

We were up in the mall area today. Roads were not great -- slick in places, people were inadvertently, I hope, running stop signs. Be careful making turns too. Roads around Chester Park/UMD better, but not great, slick in areas. Drive cautiously, you should be ok.

Hot Shot

about 11 years ago

Any word on the streets downtown for tonight's shenanigans?


about 11 years ago

I've found the roads (primary and secondary) ok, not great, but drivable (better than I thought they would be at least) They seem to be concentrating on the steep grades fist. Tertiary roads have been pretty horrible in spots. 

Drive slow, start breaking early and chances are you'll be peachy.


about 11 years ago

Due to missing the frickin bus this morning, I had to walk to work. I swear to GOD I almost broke my leg falling down several times on the stupid ice. That was by UMD.

about 11 years ago

#1 son and I made it to Chester Creek Cafe today via hoof and sled. Treacherous walks out there on the hillside.


about 11 years ago

I had to drive into Duluth about 6:30 p.m. and then back to Two Harbors and the Highway 61 Expressway was "treacherous" at best. Just a glaze of ice, after that brief rain shower which froze and is now being covered with blowing snow.

Drive carefully - Happy New Year to you! :)


about 11 years ago

It's kind of gnarly - be safe!


about 11 years ago

Thanks all. Made it to Superior and back. The snow helped. Worst road? I-35. Why was that? We left during the snow about 8:30 and left Superior 12:30 and the worst was on the interstate.


about 11 years ago

Are you guys running winter tires nowadays?  Do they make it a lot safer?


about 11 years ago

I have.chains on my tires

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