Duluth Meal Deals and Happy Hours

I took a lot of heat from friends for always going to Green Mill for Happy Hour. $5 apps that make me think of college, you know.

But it made me think about meal deals around town for happy hour. What do you got?

1. Green Mill, $5 apps
2. Midi: Is this right? Buy one, get one entrees?
3. Blackwater: $5 pizzas? How big are these pizzas?
4. Thai Krathong: All you can eat Pad Thai Tuesday? Does it include beef/shrimp/chicken?
5. Sammy’s Woodland: All you can eat pizza buffet Tuesdays?


1. Lunch at Saigon Cafe, buffet for $5.99?

What else can you add to this list? I want to eat out in new and exciting places this week!



about 13 years ago

Mexico Lindo is pretty cheap for lunch, not a buffet, but can escape for well under $10 if you forgo a drink, just under $10 with a drink.


about 13 years ago

Beijing is the best lunch deal around.  Lunch specials are right around $5 and extremely plentiful.


about 13 years ago

Yeah! Go Green Mill!!!


about 13 years ago

Check out the Lake Ave Cafe Happy Hour.  I know the late one (after 9:00) involves $5 pizzas.  Super awesome cocktails too.  W

Ronald Dupree

about 13 years ago

I hope nobody else finds out about the premium happy hour at Midi, because its been really nice having the best of the Northland in stellar happy hour deals all to ourselves while everyone else fights over Fitger's seating, as we dine in serene tranquility with cheap pints of Summit downstairs. If folks found out what a deal it was, it'd ruin it for us, so let 'em have the long wait upstairs or at the Blackwater Zoo. 

Sara's Table/Chester Creek is the only place where you'll find a free wheelin' Saturday or Sunday happy hour 4-7 with a good band like Dirty Horse to wash down your Surly.  Midi, by the way, is buy-one-get-one entrees on Tuesdays only 4-6 up to $20, but their food is quality, servers friendly, and they haven't seemed to waiver on either. (Green Mill's corporate factor repels me.)


about 13 years ago

The Lounge at the 301 in the Sheraton has cheap appetizers for happy hour in the price ranges listed here.

I'm a little proud of the grape leaf wrapped grilled goat cheese and the onion pie. I will say upfront that I have a vested interest and I am not unbiased in my recommendation.

[email protected]

about 13 years ago

301 is for us, then.  We'll invite our librarian friend when she's free.


about 13 years ago

It's not a happy hour deal but you do mention lunch at the Saigon, so I'll toss this in, too:

A really great Duluth food deal is Sample Saturday at the Italian Village in West Duluth. Free and generous samples every Saturday. Every time I've been they've offered up a spoonful of their sausage in tomato sauce, various olives, marinated roasted peppers, pickled garlic, bread, pasta salad, sometimes wine, and usually some fancy dessert. If I'm really hungry, I buy something, too, like one of their killer muffuletta sandwiches, big enough to share with your date. Some friends ordered the spaghetti once, and it easily served three people.


about 13 years ago

What's wrong with going to Green Mill? It's Minnesota owned.


about 13 years ago

Try out Gronk's on Highway 2 in East Superior for 2-for-1 burgers on Wednesdays. They have other specials on other days of the week.  This is my favorite.


about 13 years ago

Wait, are we talking lunch or happy hour? Because these are very different things (except at Old Chicago where early happy hour goes from noon-3). 

Corporate-owned or not, Green Mill does have the best happy hour deals in town. Though Luce is a close second with 2 to 3 dollar tap beers and 2 dollar tacos. The tacos aren't really all that good, but the beers are, and with enough of them, anything tastes good!


about 13 years ago

Green Mill has the best wings in Duluth, F Buffalo Wild Wings, that place is bollocks. Nothing wrong with the mill, MN owned. Even though it's a chain it doesn't feel like one. It's one of 3 places worth eating in c-anal park. the other two: Northern Waters and Lake Avenue Cafe. The rest of Canal Park is crap ... oh, except for Crabby Bills.

mike hunt

about 12 years ago

Blackwater has $5 martinis. Hanabi also has a good happy hour, but I can't remember the prices.

Lor tab

about 12 years ago

A sadly neglected happy hour is Maya's, now moved up town to the old Tejas, so you can find -- drive it. They have 4-6 p.m. then 9 to close, half-price apps, generous and some good drink prices, 2-for-one, high starting price but worth it with the 5 Mexican beers and service/atmosphere.  It's a great place for any age to unwind.  Taquitos can feed two. Also they are now downtown? Same hours?

P. Smithers

about 12 years ago

Maya downtown is no more, but yes the half price long island during their happy hour with the Fajita Quesadilla is a damn good deal.

Luce no longer does the dollar taco's and PBR night anymore.  But Wednesday nights are half price taps, and their GIANT slices of pizza for around $3 I think are always good.

Green Mill app's have caused me to almost defecate in my pants on more than one occasion, those damn buffalo bites are marinated in ex-lax I swear, but they do have good wings and their sweet potato fries are great.  But whoever thinks they have the best happy hour in town I must be going to the wrong one because I thought it was only a dollar off tap beers and drinks?

Blackwater's pizzas are by no means large but definitely enough with a few half price tap beers, and the flat breads are even better, the Thai Chicken one is great or the Strawberry Goat Cheese one is also delicious and very interesting.  

At the Burrito Union you can get a pint and two taco's for $5 after 9 pm, unlimited.  Which is basically two free taco's since a pint is $4.75.  There wings have also gotten a lot better on Thursday nights and they're only .35 cents!

Lakes Ave Cafe's little late night pizza's are really tasty, and could make one person full easily.  Their drinks are not too cheap, but most are made with micro-distillery liquors, so you get what you pay for.

I've never been but if you don't mind a thousand+ college kids Grandma's Up Bar is $2 any cocktail on Thursday nights, including top-shelf liquors I've heard.

I always check out www.seizethedeal.com because they usually have restaurant gift cards on there for half price or on www.marketplacenorth.com

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