July 2010 Posts

Minnesotans are ill-tempered tweeters

The above video shows the mood of the United States over a two-day period as interpreted by various words used on Twitter. Green indicates a good mood, red indicates a foul mood, and pale yellow indicates the middle area. The size of the states scale up and down according to how many tweets were posted at that particular time.

As you can see, Minnesota rarely makes it out of the red. There are a few times when it sneaks into the yellow, but for the most part, we are a grumpy people, at least according to our Twitter activity and this study.

Speaking of which, here’s the official website. You’ll notice that the poster version of the data shows Minnesota tinged with a bit of green in the very early morning, indicating that on certain days, at around 6am, we apparently can drum up a tiny amount of positive spirit on the internet.

Coal or Taconite?

A question has been nagging me of late: Which is worth more? Duluth’s taconite pile or Superior’s coal pile?

Finding these images is the extent of my personal research. I’m curious to hear your responses.

Inexpensive, Private Apartment in East Duluth Needed ASAP

Any suggestions or leads would be immensely appreciated. ‘Tis for a friend who needs a place by Sept. 1. One BR or Studio, Section 8 and cat friendly. She is looking for a place to rejuvenate…something mellow with nature around it and not a huge complex of apartments or rowdy students. East end preferred. Thanks, PDD!

So, whatever happened to testing Lake Superior beaches for E. coli?

According to MPR, tightened budgets led the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to decide beach testing should be done by an outside contractor, because the issue was more of a public health concern than an environmental one. But the contractors haven’t started the work yet, meaning Lake Superior beaches like Park Point aren’t being tested.

Here’s the full story …
Beachgoers beware: Not all beaches are tested for bacteria

Unique outdoor wedding ceremony venues?

I know earlier someone was asking about small wedding reception venues but I have my reception pretty much nailed down for my wedding on June 25, 2011.

My fiancee’ and I want to do an outdoor ceremony. We don’t want to do it at the Rose Garden because its so common and the car/foot traffic doesn’t appeal to us. We’d prefer someplace with a view of the lake but a general view is great! I’d really appreciate the suggestions of the fine PPD people!

Table tennis this weekend!

The Lake Superior International Open presented by Black Woods has arrived! We are hosting a table tennis tournament at the DECC on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The (local) or recreational tournament will be held Saturday and Sunday and registration is open until one hour prior to each event, so there’s still time! Who’s the best in the Northland!?

Excuse Me, Princess CD Release

Hey guys n’ gals! We just released an album, and through Monday, it’s a freebie if you download from here:


Otherwise it’s on iTunes and will be at Electric Fetus by the end of the month and all that good stuff.

Give it a listen!

Graffiti Timeline


I recently came across this photograph of myself observing graffiti at an I-35 underpass in West Duluth, probably from 1997 or 1998. So I went back and rephotographed the spot to show how the graffiti has changed.

Triplets of Belleville at Duluth Zinema 2 for COGGS Fundraiser

It’s another bike movie night at the Zinema to help fundraise for COGGS! This time, we’ll be watching the outstanding Triplets of Belleville and Vive le Tour, both chosen to celebrate the great Tour de France that concludes this Sunday. The movies will take place a 7 pm on Wednesday, July 28.

Thanks Chickenbone. You rocked our block.

“Chickenbone George” Alan Sparhawk of the Black-eyed Snakes performing last night in front of Fitger’s Brewhouse.

Koo Koo in Duluth!

Koo Koo Kanga Roo
Friday July 23, 2010 | The Encounter | 6 p.m. | $5
Fun for all ages!

Koo Koo Kanga Roo is a family fun dance extravaganza for kids and adults. The show is packed with zany sing-alongs and choreographed group dancing to keep the crowd on its feet and engaged in the fun!


What’s the date?

Masonic Fraternity

Does anyone know what 5894 A.L. stands for?

School Supplies

I’m wondering if anyone knows of any Twin Ports organizations or businesses that collect school supplies for low-income students or local classrooms. Cleaning out the office yielded a plethora of unopened packages of lined paper, pencils, etc. They won’t be used here, so I figure I’d drop them off if they’re being collected somewhere. Thanks for your help!

Fridays in the Park performance series begins in Owens Park July 23

Arts on Superior and the City of Two Harbors are proud to present Fridays in the Park, a series of performances at the historic bandshell in Two Harbors’ Thomas Owens Park from July 23 to Sept. 24. Funded in part by a grant from the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council, this series will feature Lake Superior performing artists, including James Moors, Bingham and Thorne, and Michael Monroe.

Series opener James Moors, playing on July 23 at 7pm, is often compared to songwriters Peter Himmleman, Lyle Lovett and Darden Smith. Find out more at jamesmoors.com.

Figure Drawing for Teens

Teens will learn to draw the human form accurately with the help of skilled instructor and live, clothed model.

Where: Pineapple Art Center
When: August 2,3,4 Mon-Wed 12-1:30pm
Cost: $53 covers all
*Must pre-register by calling Pineapple Art Center at (218)722-2919

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