July 2010 Posts

Awesome Duluth Postcard Site

I’m sure this has been posted before on here, but this is a site I found a few years back. It’s a mind blowing collection of old Duluth postcards:


Anyone have some crutches?

In the process of moving my daddy fell and banged up his knee. Then he worked all day the next day moving boxes. He is pretty crippled up right now and needs some crutches. We are planning to go to Walgreen’s this morning to purchase some. Wondering if anyone here has some crutches they might want to sell or give away.

This Weekend at Sara’s Table

Saturday night, 7-9pm
Terrol Cousineau, Jane Larson, Kyle Keegan in the dining room

Sunday morning
Mimosa brunch with Darin Bergsven in the wine bar

Lake Superior Brewing on Facebook

LSB Rejected Advertising

There for the liking at facebook.com/LakeSuperiorBrewing.

Free Range Film Festival presents: Large white animals!

Gnar of the Gnorth: Duluth Outlaw 2010

Friday marks the kick-off of the third annual Duluth Outlaw, recently renamed “Gnar Of The Gnorth.” Each year, longboarders from all walks of life and areas of the Midwest travel to participate in this three-day downhill skateboarding event.

Lotta sirens on London Road

All day, maybe once an hour, sirens racing down London Road behind our apartment. Tourists with heat stroke or something else I should know about?

Skutt Oval Electric Kiln

Skutt Oval Electric Kiln (Phase 3) — Priced to sell!!

Production size (very large) kiln, lightly used. Works great. I do not have any shelves but it does have bottom layer (shelves can be purchased at DH Ceramics last time I was in there I checked).

Like this one: Skutt (But a couple years older.)

Nazi sighting

So I’m driving down Michigan Street at 8:45 tonight, and walking down the sidewalk toward the main entrance of the Depot is this guy dressed in full Third Reich regalia. I’m talking military-grade Lederhosen, swastika arm-band and even an olive flack helmet, walking like he’s got a stick up his ass. I did overcome the urge to yell obscenities or throw things out the window, but I couldn’t resist slowing way down and gawking. I mean, who does that?

I considered that maybe the Playhouse is doing some thing involving the holocaust, but in that case don’t they have dressing rooms? Who in their right mind would be caught dead in that get-up outside? Then my co-worker suggested that maybe he was going to attend one of the court-ordered group sessions for drunk drivers they have at the Depot and trying to make some political statement. But that just begs the question, what kind of person has that stuff laying around in his closet?

I’m compelled to wonder, is this something ugly that blew in on a tall ship, or just some local dumbass making an idiot out of himself?

Free the Hikers: March for Freedom

Join Minnesota Senator Al Franken and Mayor Don Ness on Saturday, July 31, to march for the release of Sarah Shourd, Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal, who have been detained in Iran for a full year.

Gather at Duluth’s Vietnam War Memorial on the Lakewalk near Fitger’s Brewery at 1pm. The march will end at the Playground, 11 E. Superior St., where there will be a silent auction benefiting the hikers’ families from 2-6pm. There will be a screening of the documentary Songs to Enemies and Deserts by Shane Bauer, and The Real Hikers by A Safe World for Women.

Also, Culver’s is donating a percentage of its sales on July 31. This includes the Duluth, Superior and Two Harbor’s locations.

Visit freethehikers.org for more information or to donate directly.

And don’t forget the Duluth Waits for Shane, Sarah & Josh concert at Pizza Luce tonight — Thursday, July 29.

Duluth roofing and siding recommendation

I am looking for recommendations for a good contractor/company to put on roofing and siding on my mother’s house in Duluth Heights. She has had two bids (Miller and William K) but I’d really appreciate some insight from the PDD community. Thank you!

Wing Young Huie Retrospective at the Duluth Art Institute

Wing Young Huie: Retrospective opens July 29, 5 to 7 pm at the Duluth Art Institute Depot site in the Morrison Gallery. Don’t miss this special opportunity to meet Wing and see a special presentation of his university avenue slide show.

Moccasin Mike

I have a question — everyone knows to take Moccasin Mike Road to Wisconsin Point, but does anyone know who Moccasin Mike was? It is such a cool name. I’m jealous.

First Thursday Motorcycle Ride!

You know the drill. First Thursday of the month, rear parking lot of the Co-op. Ride on.

Willie the cop gets his badge pinned to his ass on Raleigh Street

One of the stories that has long been passed around West Duluth is that, many years ago, perhaps the 1920s, some guys from the ol’ Raleigh Street Gang handcuffed a cop to a pole or a post and pinned his badge to his ass.

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