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The Slice: Gary-New Duluth’s Skatepark

A new skatepark is in the works in the Gary-New Duluth neighborhood. Mark Boben, president of the GND Development Alliance, describes how this undertaking is a community-wide effort. (Update: This video appears to have been removed from YouTube.)

In its series The Slice, WDSE-TV presents short “slices of life” that capture the events and experiences that bring people together and speak to what it means to live up north.

The Lamedog Video

Nearly a half-hour of circular-aspect iPhone video of Duluth skateboarding action featuring Carter Nguyen, Kaden Lindvall, Lloyd Fisher, Twan Brown, Jesse Ayers, Wyatt Lindberg, Josh Kuno, Simon Walters and friends. Shot and edited by Wyatt Lindberg.

Go Skateboarding Day 2017

Call us three months late in the celebration, but Damage Board Shop skate team member Stephen Pestalozzi just recently uploaded this clip from June 21 — National Go Skateboarding Day.

Damage Boardshop Showdown Video

Duluth’s Damage Boardshop is one of 16 shops in the United States competing in the TransWorld Skateboarding Shop Showdown video contest on Over the past three weeks, TWS has posted videos by four shops each week. Damage’s video is part of round four.

The videos are bracketed against each other until the final four videos are determined through a blend of audience voting and analysis by TWS staff and pros from the sponsoring Mountain Dew skate team. To vote go to …

“That belt done snapped.”

Skate the Lake 2016

Skate the LakeVideo by Ian Lundborg of Mestek Media from last Saturday’s Skate the Lake, an event promoting skateboarding as alternate transportation in Duluth.

Skateboarding at Rail Park near Gateway Plaza

Video by Shane Brown, featuring “Grady, Stephan, Pete and Shane.” Music by Seym0ur.

Skateboarding in Morgan Park School

Eight skaters, two days, granted permission. R.I.P. Morgan Park, you will be missed.

Shot/edited by Mike Rapaich. Additional video by Stephen Pestalozzi.


A new Duluth skateboard video by Cody Paulson, shot entirely on an iPhone and Death Lens. Featuring Stephen Pestalozzi and Colton Maddy with Justice Cameron Simmons, John Schneider, Carter Nguyen, Nicholas Tanski, Andy Pearson and Nate Hynum.

Rink Relief: Episode 1

Video by Rawlin Kessler shot at Rip Williams Memorial Rink at Chester Park.

Walking the dog in Duluth, Cali style

Video by John Jenkins.

Downtown Sounds

A Duluth skateboarding video shot and edited by Cody Paulson, featuring Colton Maddy and Stephen Pestalozzi.

Jake Specht skateboards across Duluth

Footage shot Oct. 19 by Jesse Covington. Music by Atmosphere – “Let Me Know That You Know What You Want Now.”

Decades before GTFO skateboarders …

The Ramp Riders vs. The Thrashers.

Local Skateboard Video

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