Skateboarding in Morgan Park School

Eight skaters, two days, granted permission. R.I.P. Morgan Park, you will be missed.

Shot/edited by Mike Rapaich. Additional video by Stephen Pestalozzi.


Paul Lundgren

about 8 years ago

Super rad.  When we shot Jaw Knee Vee in the auditorium for PDD's Christmas video ...

... he was aching to skateboard in the pool. Sadly, we didn't have time.


about 8 years ago

Talk about a young man's game.  It's crazy how there's legions of great skaters now in almost every town and less than 30 years ago it was a small handful of guys like Natas and the Gonz pioneering all these moves.  Or Ray Barbee. Nobody could play like Hendrix until Hendrix, then thousands could.  Takes a load of balance and dexterity to operate a skateboard like that though.

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