Triplets of Belleville at Duluth Zinema 2 for COGGS Fundraiser

It’s another bike movie night at the Zinema to help fundraise for COGGS! This time, we’ll be watching the outstanding Triplets of Belleville and Vive le Tour, both chosen to celebrate the great Tour de France that concludes this Sunday. The movies will take place a 7 pm on Wednesday, July 28.

Triplets of Belleville is not your typical bike movie. In fact, I wouldn’t call it a bike movie so much as a great art-house movie that loosely has something to do with bikes. It has great music, a funny story and is animated. There is no dialogue the whole movie, so it’s not for everyone, just people who like really great, original movies.

Here’s the trailer for it. Don’t be discouraged that there is no apparent biking in the trailer. The story is of a boy who trains and then rides in the Tour de France, until something goes awry when he’s picked up in the Broom Wagon.

Here’s a little review of Vive le Tour: Louis Malle’s 19-minute take on the Tour de France is a masterpiece. Rapid cutting puts you into the Tour in ways that modern coverage have not matched, partly I think because we know better than to let crazy people near the riders. With narration that is made up of commentary of the riders and the event we see the joys of winning, the agony of losing and just whats its like to ride. Since the film is not about a race or a stage of the race, rather about what its like to race we have time to see what it must be like to ride. We see the riders up close and see the pain on their faces. We see crashes, drink raids (stopping at roadside bar and stealing drinks), the crowd whizzing by and the people who help the riders. It’s a whirlwind 19 minutes and I was ready to start the film all over again once I finished it.

So come hang out, make some friends, buy a bucket of Grain Belt and enjoy a couple great movies while supporting COGGS!

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