August 2009 Posts

A problem that needs addressing

There’s something that’s confused me a bit about Duluth since I moved here (and I realize I may be the only person who has ever wondered about this).

Just about every town has a “0” point for its street addresses. In Duluth, that would be the corner of Lake and Superior, right? 1 E. Superior, 1 W. Superior, 1 N. Lake, etc. The lower the address number, the closer it is to the zero point. And in general, there are imaginary lines that spread out from that point, dividing addresses into north-south, and east-west.

That all works out well in Duluth on the main grid of streets – downtown, West End, West Duluth, Lakeside… but then it starts to get odd.

Free Tix to Singer/Songwriter Competition near Bayfield

I can’t make it, but If anybody wants them I have 2 tickets to the Singer/Songwriter Competition for Thursday, August 27, 2009 at 7:30pm at Mt. Ashwabay Ski Hill/3 miles south of Bayfield. First person who emails me at:

mark (at)

with their snail mail address gets ’em. I’ll put them in tomorrow’s mail. Thanks!

Job opportunity: Become the leader of Duluth’s music scene bureaucracy

HomegrownChicken2The Homegrown Music Festival is looking for a director to follow in the footsteps of Paul Connolly, who has stepped down from the position.

Homegrown is Duluth’s yearly celebration of local music, featuring eight days of concerts with performances by well over 100 bands.

The 12th annual Homegrown will be held May 2 to 9, 2010.

The festival director is responsible for the overall management of Homegrown.

It’s a twister ma!

A tornado touched down a few times in Minneapolis. The Electric Fetus was hit.

We saw it coming from our work windows and headed to the basement. It touched down about five blocks from my theater.

And the winner is … (drum roll)


And the winner of two tickets to Suzanne Vega at Big Top Chautauqua is Sam Haraldson, whose rendition of the Last Supper managed to capture our hearts and minds here at the PDD Headquarters. We have no idea who any of these people are, or what the story behind the photo is, but we like it. Congratulations, Sam. We hope you enjoy the show.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation in Minnesota with Daniel Johnston, Laura Ingalls Wilder, my great-great-grandparents and a bunch of short-fiction writers

There comes a time in every Minnesota man’s summer when he climbs into a rusty conversion van with the love of his life and sets out across the state in search of everything and nothing in particular.

Once the dog and the cooler of beer are secure in back, it’s off we go.


Aurora Baer tonight at Carmody

New 4 Track Films Production

We’re going into production on a new 4 Track Film. This one is entitled The Life of Riley and is a romantic comedy. We’re shooting in and around Duluth and a little up the North Shore.

Duluth on AOL

The Duluth housing market is being featured on the AOL homepage right now. It’s time to buy a house, according to this headline.

Victorian Olympiad at Carmody

I say! I say! Compete against other chaps and ladies in the hat-doffing competition, hop-skip-and-jump while holding a drink, and other categories that promise to be an entirely civilized good time!

Competitors should be dressed accordingly, and look to the UK Chaps Olympics to get into training!

Monday, August 24, 7 PM. Toodle pip!

Equal Xchange CD Release


w/ special guest Mat Milinkovich on drums.

Pubic Option


h/t Pam’s House Blend

Choose your Cruise

Glass Elevator rocked Homegrown. Aug 29 is the next chance to see the band again along with Uptown Boys and DJ Kevin Craig.

Question of the Day.

What won’t you buy used? I have a thing against used sheets, something weird about that. Also underwear (of course) and toilet brushes. How about you?

Waiter? There’s a drink in my brain.

you have a new place to get your drink on when you visit the twin cities.

A legendary north Minneapolis dive bar has risen from the dead.

When one of the Twin Cities’ most notorious bars, Stand Up Frank’s, closed earlier this year, I wouldn’t have believed in a million years it would be reopened and reimagined as something called Donny Dirk’s Zombie Den. Real zombies could dig themselves out of the ground and eat my brains before that would happen, because that would be crazy. Read the rest.

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