Fall allergy season begins!

It started for me today. Anyone else?

My favorite remedies are sleeping 12 hours a day and eating every second that I’m awake. Snorting cromolyn sodium also helps.



about 12 years ago

I felt a tickle today too.  I'm a Benadryl person, and took some accordingly.


about 12 years ago

One of my 3 year old daughters woke up sneezing no less than 17 times in a row...that's like running a half marathon for a wee one.  Must be something floating in the fog today.


about 12 years ago

a combination of zyrtec-D and a netipot.  works great for me.


about 12 years ago

Triaminic or Claritin doesn't work for me.  Benadryl works in heavy doses, but unless I'm exercising, I pass out within the hour.

There was one year that my eyes itched so bad that I had to frequently apply icecubes to my eyelids.  That same year, I could break out in hives within 2 minutes just by sitting in mown grass.

The allergic reactions come and go about every 3-4 years and vary in intensity; which, interestingly enough, does not vary with the amount of mold/fungus/pollen in the air, or my location.


about 12 years ago

I started sneezing today too..and that 12 hours of sleep begins now.


about 12 years ago

I am happy to blame the sneezing on something other than the new cat.


about 12 years ago

Last week & today, the sneezing & watery eyes started - Benadryl works for me too


about 12 years ago

Ah, so I guess I'm not just coming down with the World's Worst Cold.  In the past I've only gotten mildy sniffly during ragweed season, so I wasn't sure if the gallons of snot I've been producing lately were viral or pollen related.

I can't get my neti pot to work.  Either I am so congested that the water can't flow through my sinuses, or I'm doing it wrong.  It trickles back into my throat and I feel like I'm drowning in a swimming pool.


about 12 years ago

Here in Germany, one of the approaches to relief of spring allergies is a daily spoon of honey produced by local bees. I guess the idea is sort of like a vaccine in that it fortifies your immune system with small amounts of the thing you're allergic to.

anne ralston

about 12 years ago

Is this season exceptionally bad in Chicago? I never knew I had allergies, thought it was a constant cold. This is different, I went for a bike ride & could barely breathe - coughing & wheezy. Tried Claritin Reditabs which helped a lot. Think it gave me a headache tho....

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