Foreign exchange student host family needed

I was contacted by a very nice Brazilian girl named Mariana who wants to continue her high school education here in Duluth for 2009-2010 school year. She was an exchange student at Mesabi East last year, and did very well. Unfortunately, the visa she was on last year expired and cannot be renewed. She can come back on a different visa to attend a SEVIS-qualified high school (i.e. Marshall or any Duluth Public School), but she needs a host family. A stipend for the host family is part of the deal. If you can help, or know someone who can, please contact me by e-mail: nbs @, or phone 625-8765. Thanks very much!



about 15 years ago

cant help directly with the host family part but I can suggest Harbor City International School as a location for her. We have the highest per capita exchange student ratio in the city and an excellent, progressive, educational community.

big brother

about 15 years ago

Foreign exchange students are having difficult time with their study, aside adjusting to a new environment, langauge barrier, cultural difference and longing for their family at home, It is really nice to have a host family to all foreign students whom they can depend, a family that they can rely in times of needs and loneliness.

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