Neighborhood Revitalization Plan Reviews

In 2007 and 2008, after an extensive public process, the At Home in Duluth Collaborative created Neighborhood Plans for each of Duluth’s five core neighborhoods. This year we will be reviewing and updating these plans. Two meetings will be held in each neighborhood. Your voice counts!

The first plan review meeting will address what has happened since the plans were created and start the process of generating priorities for the next three to five years. The second plan review meeting will focus on the input from the first meeting and go deeper into specifics and details about neighborhood priorities.

Lincoln Park:

Plan Review II: Monday, June 13, Harrison Community Center — 6-8 PM

Morgan Park:

Plan Review I: Tuesday, June 7, Good Fellowship Center — 6-8 PM

Plan Review II: Tuesday, June 28th, Good Fellowship Center — 6-8 PM

West Duluth:

Plan Review I: Thursday, June 2, Mr. D’s Bar & Grill — 6-8 PM

Plan Review II: Thursday, June 23, City Center West — 6-8 PM

Hillside Neighborhoods:

Plan Review I: Thursday, June 9, Central Hillside Community Center — 6-8 PM

Plan Review II: Thursday, June 30, Central Hillside Community Center — 6-8 PM

Call Lee at Duluth LISC at (218) 727-7761 or Dan at NHS Duluth at (218) 727-8604 ext. 207 with questions.



about 13 years ago

I will be there. Looking forward to hearing what the neighborhoods have to say.


about 13 years ago

When is the first review meeting for Lincoln Park/West End - only one day was listed.


about 13 years ago

the original planning process separated the Central Hill  from the East Hill... residents in the Central strongly favored the language low income but to no avail, because the staff for the city changed it to affordable.  Thanks staffers cause I never would have glimpst the sunbathing college girls outside their bldg. at the gov't subsidized Harbor Highlands were it not for the change!


about 13 years ago

@ Lisa, the first LP/ West End meeting was on Monday, May 23.  Let me know if you would like an overview and notes from the meeting, I'd be glad to catch you up for the second meeting.  Sorry about the confusion.


about 13 years ago

Too bad nothing got posted prior to that meeting. Yes - would love to know where to look to see an overview. I used to be involved in the neighborhood planning stuff but got disillusioned when ideas that had consensus would disappear and the planning process would start all over again. Only so much time in my schedule to devote to this topic and recreating the wheel every 6 - 12 months seemed futile.

Still, am committed to my neighborhood and ensuring it is a good place to live for all - not just the wealthy (which was a push when I last attended a meeting...).

Will try to make the phase II meeting.

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