August 2009 Posts

Indoor storage for boat

I am looking for a place to store and work on my 30-foot wooden
boat over the winter. The boat is a little over 10-feet wide and on a trailer about 13 feet tall.

Road Trip to Fargo (Camping, Low Concert, & Health INS. Reform Rally)

Fargo, ND Road Trip!

Rally for Health Care Reform
In the Fargodome parking lot
1800 University Dr. N.
Fargo, ND
Saturday, Aug. 29
11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Free Concert by Low

Note:  On Friday evening, Aug. 28 at 7 p.m., Minnesotans and North Dakotans will begin camping at the Moorhead-Fargo KOA site (4396 28th Ave. S., Moorhead, MN).

We reserved sites, so call Nathan Ness (218) 310-7682 to reserve a spot for only $5.  Friday night promises bonfires, drinks and songs around the campfires.  Saturday morning promises a free concert by Low, speakers and free food!

Contact Nathan Ness for more information at 218-310-7682 or via email at nessjnathan @

Slivovitz Festival Saturday

Hello Duluthians,

Hope you don’t mind the intrusion from Chicago (from a former Iron Ranger, at least), but you all should know about the Slivovitz Festival at Earthwood Inn on Highway 61 just south of Two Harbors on Saturday, Aug. 29. A day-long good time featuring Eastern Europe’s finest adult beverage, Slivovitz – which is a plum brandy. Delicious and high octane.

Also, my band is playing at 4:30 if you want to hear some brassy, balkan style music.

Connor Garvey House Concert

I am supposedly having a house concert this Sunday, around 8 p.m. It’s a folk guitar-uke singer/songwriter I met in Montana this past July. I say supposedly because he hasn’t gotten back to me recently … but it’s still listed on his tour page. Anyway, I need some more people to fill the house. If you’re interested in coming, please reply here. I’ll probably only accept regular posters, or if I can inspect you on the book of faces first, since it’s my house and I’m allowed to do that. But I’d really love to meet more people. So reply and come! And convince some friends to come, too! I’m shooting for 20 people; I have a small house.

Oh and there is a cover; $10 gets you music, wine and food. All goes to the musician. Hooray for grassroots!

R.I.P. Teddy Kennedy


Feb. 22, 1932 – Aug. 25, 2009

Goodbye Duluth

Dear Duluth,

I am sorry to have to let you know this way, but seeing your name is in the title of this website I thought it would good place to contact you. I have spent the last year thinking about our relationship and living situation and there is no easy way to say it but I am leaving you.

It is not that I don’t love you, I do. And most of the past dozen years have been good, but I have to admit I am attracted to other cities.

I want you to know that of your group of close friends you’re a shining star. Eveleth, Gilbert and Virginia–I am sorry to say–I find boring, and they depress me. And as for your sister Superior, well, she is a drunken, dirty whore.

Though there are many things about you that I enjoy, like your beach, your urban wilderness and your downtown, the truth is that you are just so cold most of the time. Sure, when you are in a good mood you are almost perfect, but seeing you that way for only 5 or 6 weeks a year is just not enough to fulfill my personal desires any longer.

I would love to tell you where I am going next but I honestly don’t know. I think I will wander for a while and visit old friends out west. I hope we can still be friends and I will come visit you in the future.

Take care and much love,

P.S. I am stopping to have a three-way with Minneapolis and St.Paul on my way out west. You know I have always had a thing for them. Good times.

R.I.P. Torr

Tom Torrison

A non-cantankerous, very funny guy and talented actor.

Remembering Laura MacArthur

A commenter to the post about the house being torn down for construction of the new Laura MacArthur Elementary asked the question, “Who is Laura MacArthur anyway?”

Laura MacArthur was an elementary and junior high school teacher and principal in West Duluth for over four decades.

Born in England, she came to the United States with her family at around the age of 10. She attended high school in Wooster, Ohio, and graduated from the College of Wooster.

She came to Duluth in the spring of 1896, where she was assigned to teach Latin, algebra and civics to ninth graders at Longfellow School.

Gimme an F …


Duluth Does Woodstock
Oct. 8
Sacred Heart Music Center

Sign up for artists ends Sept. 4

Don’t miss your chance to fulfill your 1960s musical fantasies minus the rain, mud and bad acid.


Tonight the Duluth City Council will consider suspending the Norshor “Experience” liquor license.

Here’s a picture of among other things, future Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Link Wray who had one of his last public performances in the United States at the NorShor before he died a few months later. He played with a number of Duluth rockers, some of you were there, it was pretty amazing.

What’s wrong with having a keg at your high school graduation party?


Of course, I’m talking about a keg of root beer. What’s wrong with it? Let me tell you.

Rules for Teachers, 1905 and 1872

During my recent visit to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum in Walnut Grove, I had a good laugh reading two lists of rules on the walls of the little schoolhouse.

Aurora Baer

Aurora at Carmody tonight. I’ll be in the cities, argggggg.

Fastest Vote in the West


Most precincts, like mine in West Duluth, have only two races on the ballot this year. At least we get to vote for two candidates in each.

Click here for a list of candidates that includes all the district races.

Haunted House Rummage Sale Sat-Sun (updated)


Sale this weekend at my brother’s old Babbitt-esque house at 1616 Jefferson St. (lower Endion, in the Loaves and Fishes zone if that helps anyone to place it). The kids and their friends have nicknamed it the “haunted house” because it’s one of those creeky old, not-quite-a-mansion-places that is just creepy enough to be fun, but not outright scary, and it is very popular with sleepovers for our kids, their friends and more.

I am selling stuff I can’t even believe I’m selling …

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