Harold Nelson Dies

Harold Nelson, the old fellow often seen walking along Central Entrance and elsewhere, was struck by a car and killed. The News Tribune has an article in the August 16th edition.


Dave Sorensen

about 12 years ago

You might need to log into the DNT site to read the article:


about 12 years ago

Is it just me, or is everyone a LOT more concerned about him post-mortem?

I love that picture. He always looked like a nice man when I saw him walking around.


about 12 years ago

Paul Lundgren:  Did he make the list of beloved characters?


about 12 years ago

another smoking related fatality


about 12 years ago

He was everywhere!  How did you get that picture of him?  I heard once that he used to be a City of Duluth employee for many years...anyone confirm that?

Paul Lundgren

about 12 years ago

Wildgoose, "Five-mile-an-hour Harold" was mentioned in the comments of "An Incomplete and Random List of Various Beloved Characters in Duluth," and will be added to the official list once I get caught up on my work.

Tim K

about 12 years ago

Harold worked in the purchasing department for the City of Duluth until his retirement (early 80s?). Then he worked for a while in the family market before pursuing his walking quest.


about 12 years ago

On many a great Duluth day I would see Harold moving along Central Entrance as I headed up to work up by the airport; on one day I saw Harold, and then Doug Happy running...only to see them both about an hour later.  Harold had travelled at least 4 miles and Doug 10....if I only had seen the fellow with the exaggerated gait that used to walk Snively Road it would have been a Perfect Duluth Day...


about 11 years ago

Would anyone have this story that was in the News Tribune saved somewhere? I am so sad to see that he passed and in such a tragic way.  I would love to read the story about him. If anyone might have it. I will check back here to see. Thanks.


about 11 years ago

If you have a Duluth Public Library card, you can search the News Tribune's online archives and read full articles from 1995 and later. Go to the library's web site and click Electronic Resources. The News Tribune is at the top of the center column. There are several articles about him from August 2009; search for Harold Nelson and go to the second page of results. (Don't put quotes around his name, because some articles use his middle name or initial.)

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