Haunted House Rummage Sale Sat-Sun (updated)


Sale this weekend at my brother’s old Babbitt-esque house at 1616 Jefferson St. (lower Endion, in the Loaves and Fishes zone if that helps anyone to place it). The kids and their friends have nicknamed it the “haunted house” because it’s one of those creeky old, not-quite-a-mansion-places that is just creepy enough to be fun, but not outright scary, and it is very popular with sleepovers for our kids, their friends and more.

I am selling stuff I can’t even believe I’m selling … hundreds of great kids and adult books that are good enough that we have actually read them, but need to give up to make room for more. (Not my Mr Rogers Guide to Parenting, couldn’t part with that yet). And almost all of my movies, I have been carefully gathering up old VHS tapes and DVDs for a dollar or so, maybe just 50 cents or a quarter at rummage sales for years and they are all going back out there this weekend folks. I’m also including many of the movies I actually bought new, or even ordered, like my Peter Gabriel concert films, (but not the breathtaking one of all of his music videos – what do you think I am – crazy?) Oh, and I’m not selling Flash Gordon, either (the one with the amazing soundtrack by Queen) I’m still hoping to have another themed Flash viewing party on my big screen with that once my schedule opens up, maybe in the fall or winter. I wasn’t gonna sell “Gorillas in the Mist,” either, but Misty says that she doesn’t really need to see it after all, so that went into the sale pile, too.

If we finish, Remember the Titans tonight or Saturday, that will go in the pile, too. Probably for a quarter. Get the picture?

I’m also putting in some old cords, connectors, and unused/unusable DJ stuff that only a true A/V geek would want, all priced to move. But this is not just a man sale, folks …

We have bushel baskets full of the clothes that no one wears anymore but have been hoarding, including many baby items too small for Elijah (4 mos) and girlie stuff too small for Maria (6) and Grace (10). Edison/Parochial School types please take note that there are a number of uniform pants, shirts, shorts and skorts, as well. All priced to move peeps.

Finally, Misty has forced me to sell my “clown shirt” as she calls it, this is a brightly colored long sleeve, very stylish dress shirt that fits me perfectly but … you can have it for a dollar. (Sunday update: This shirt is somehow still available, if no one buys it its going back in my closet.)

Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be fantastic weather so I would not be surprised if Speedy Wienie drops by for awhile with some belly treats, too. Stop by and say hi, if nothing else. (Sunday update: Look for the wagon its still out front. With extreme urging, I may be persuaded to fire up a few wienies, but our demand was pretty low yesterday so Speedy Wienie is taking the day off today).

UPDATE: Sale continues 1 to 5 on Sunday (today) . I work late folks, so please note that early birds will be snared, drawn, quartered and roasted on a spit.



about 15 years ago

you guys can have his shirt for 50cents. There are also womens clothes, and other household items..

Paul Lundgren

about 15 years ago

Wildgoose, I had no idea you had a collection of "adult books."


about 15 years ago

Well ... Paul ... you didn't know me very well in the old days.  But no, no dirty books at this sale.  Although now that I think of it I think we may be offering a patchouli-soaked copy of "MORE joy of massage" from back in the 70s, that's pretty racy stuff.  But your point is hilariously well taken.  Perhaps a better phrase would have been "books for people of all ages."


about 15 years ago

I'm going to have to show up just so I can see that shirt!  LOL


about 15 years ago

Due To JP's mother putting in an ad in the paper without consulting us, The sale time is now starting at 8am on Saturday. Thanks a lot Kay.


about 15 years ago

Last time I had a rummage sale, the early birds made me so mad that I swore next time, I'd start the sale at 3 a.m.


about 15 years ago

Mistystarr, I hope you find that she did you a favor when you're counting your proceeds. 

And I know that I had a better turn out in the early morning hours on Saturdays when I had my sale around this time last summer. 

I also found that the tribune adv actually produced the most customers and that surprisingly few people are out shopping on Sunday mornings so be sure to sleep in then. Happy Sale to you!


about 15 years ago

I am sur you are right Camilla

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