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Batteries – You’re So Excited

YSE Cover

You can hear a track from this thing on MySpace.

Now available at the Electric Fetus and online at

Or at the show tonight at Pizza Luce with Dead Man Winter. (Undesirables had to cancel, utmost apologies.)

This Saturday: Psychedelic Inferno…

Picture 1

Ok, so Batteries aren’t that psychedelic, but you really need to see Daughters of the Sun and Vampire Hands, two of the finest and most unique groups out of mpls., and Total Freedom Rock? Get out of town, man!

This Friday…


Clawthroat performing in Superior this Saturday


Clawthroat plays a mean kind of acoustic, gothic, folk, rock. They’re ex-music majors and really fun.

For Batteries, this will be our last show in a while as our drummer, Joe, went and made a baby with his wife. Congrats! Come say hello.

And The Undesirables? Always reliable.

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