April 2009 Posts

Straws = fun


Where are Duluth’s Protectors?

Cincinnati gets caped crusaders and we don’t?

Come on people! Let’s see some Duluthians on this registry!

Honking Tree Mystery

Please add to our soon-to-be rejected police procedural script:

Someone has cut down the beloved tree just outside of town. The tree is famous for being saved from ruin when the big highway was put in years ago. People came to like the tree and honked at it as if it was welcoming them into their town. Some even say it would wave back. It became known as the “honking tree.”

Scene of people gathering at cut tree, offering stories, memories. Some tears. Very folksy small-town scene where everyone seems to know everyone with a strong sense of community.

Enter our detective heroes. They talk to the cops, who say they’ve spoken to all the usual suspects and haven’t come up with anything.

The Hunt For Gollum

Hunt For Gollum – Teaser 1 from Independent Online Cinema on Vimeo.

R.I.P. Honking Tree


Poor tree. Bad Human.

HG’09 Experimental Tuesday Photos

HG’09 at the Blue Crab

Experimental Tuesday?

this was no experiment



Alright, alright, alright!

Thanks to an overwhelming amount of donations to Renegade Comedy Theatre, members of DINK TANK will be camping out tonight at the Duluth 10 theatre to be first in line for tickets to the latest Matthew McConaughey opus, GHOSTS OF GIRLFRIENDS PAST.

They will spend the night on the cold concrete, playing their bongos and challenging all comers to a round of hacky sack. And, if you drive by and scream “McConaughey!” at them, they’ll be forced to respond with a chillaxed, “Alright, alright, alright.”

All of this will be filmed for posterity, edited for hilarity and posted online for public consumption and mockery.

The next evening, Friday, May 1st from 6-8pm, they will be joined by local conservative radio host Brad Bennett at the DUNK TANK FOR DINK TANK outside the theatre.

$10 gets you one ball; $25 gets you three, and you can take your pick of who you’d like to dunk – members of DINK TANK or Brad Bennett and members of his radio station staff. All proceeds go to benefit the Renegade Comedy Theatre, a local non-profit committed to providing the Northland with bold, high-quality productions that enrich, enlighten and, above all, entertain.

After the dunking is through, members of DINK TANK will dry off and head in to see the 9 o’clock showing of GHOSTS OF GIRLFRIENDS PAST.

Come down tonight or tomorrow and show your support for local arts…or to mock them. Totally your call.

JK livin’, everybody.

Party Bus FAIL

To the organizers of Homegrown,

On the surface of it, having a “Highway 61 night” theme to Wednesday’s homegrown festivities seemed like a good idea. But it would have been a much better idea had there been adequate transportation up that namesake road to the Lakeview Castle, the main venue of the later evening, as was advertised. Frustratingly, there was not.

The night started well enough at the Twins Bar, with a stellar (as always) performance by the Rez. The “first” bus left on its journey to the Castle at 9 PM as scheduled. I wasn’t on it, but I imagine it was fairly sparsely ridden, as the bar was still pretty empty and the first act was still playing at that point.

Though none of the Homegrown volunteers working the Twins seemed to know anything specific about the bus times, the Homegrown Guide gave the impression that the bus would go up, turn around and come back, making multiple trips throughout the evening. But it turns out we were falsely led.

I talked to several people, who all were under the impression that the next bus would come be at 10. Between 9 and 10, the Twins went from sparse to quite full. Several people arrived specifically to catch the 10 PM bus up the shore, maybe to have a drink first. At least a couple dozen people were waiting for the bus around 10, but it didn’t show up and didn’t show up. Finally, we received word from a volunteer that the bus was parked at the Castle and wouldn’t be leaving there until 11 for another run.

What should have been a completely fun night became tainted with frustration. Had the bus done its job as advertised, we all could have gotten up there in time to see Old Knifey (a travesty to be missed) and stayed long enough to make the 25-minute trip worthwhile. But as it stood, you had a couple dozen people out waiting in the rain instead of at least being informed of the situation in a timely manner so they could go back inside, relax and enjoy the music at Twins. It also became a potentially dangerous situation when people who had already had a few drinks got fed up with waiting and decided to drive themselves up the shore instead of taking the bus. And once those unlucky enough to stick it out for the bus got on and got up the shore, they only had an hour or so of musical talent to enjoy at the Castle.

9 PM is a fine time to start running a bus if it’s your FIRST bus. But it’s too early to be the ONLY reasonable bus. Advertising a back-and-forth shuttle and then not having one just isn’t cool. Better to have no bus than half a bus and leave people stuck.

another homegrown poster


Tomorrow night.


Friday Night Volunteers Needed!


Greetings and happy Homegrown.
We are desperately strapped for door volunteers for Friday night (05.01) of Homegrown. If anyone can spare the time or knows of anyone who may be available, please have them contact Jen: [email protected]. We are offering full week passes, money, whatever.

Michele Bachman: Benedict Arnold

from The Huffington Post:

Representative Michele Bachmann (R-Minn) announcement today that she planned to re-register as a Democrat, has sent the Democratic leadership into crisis mode.

Hey, it’s another Homegrown show! With a gimmick!


This one has a fashion show, from Rachel Hart and Apron Elegance.

the heart of rock ‘n’ roll…

is still beatin’ at pizza luce saturday.

Takk for Maten & Kippis update


Takk for Maten, the Scandinavian cafe, is tentatively set to reopen May 15 in the former DAC deli space in the Tech Village, on Superior Street next to Pizza Luce. The cafe used to be on Lake Avenue just above Superior Street, until an unfortunate steam pipe incident in January.

Takk for Maten (Norwegian for “thanks for the food”) will occupy the space during the day. At night, tentatively starting in June, it will be home to Kippis (Finnish for “cheers”), a full-service tapas bar.