Alright, alright, alright!

Thanks to an overwhelming amount of donations to Renegade Comedy Theatre, members of DINK TANK will be camping out tonight at the Duluth 10 theatre to be first in line for tickets to the latest Matthew McConaughey opus, GHOSTS OF GIRLFRIENDS PAST.

They will spend the night on the cold concrete, playing their bongos and challenging all comers to a round of hacky sack. And, if you drive by and scream “McConaughey!” at them, they’ll be forced to respond with a chillaxed, “Alright, alright, alright.”

All of this will be filmed for posterity, edited for hilarity and posted online for public consumption and mockery.

The next evening, Friday, May 1st from 6-8pm, they will be joined by local conservative radio host Brad Bennett at the DUNK TANK FOR DINK TANK outside the theatre.

$10 gets you one ball; $25 gets you three, and you can take your pick of who you’d like to dunk – members of DINK TANK or Brad Bennett and members of his radio station staff. All proceeds go to benefit the Renegade Comedy Theatre, a local non-profit committed to providing the Northland with bold, high-quality productions that enrich, enlighten and, above all, entertain.

After the dunking is through, members of DINK TANK will dry off and head in to see the 9 o’clock showing of GHOSTS OF GIRLFRIENDS PAST.

Come down tonight or tomorrow and show your support for local arts…or to mock them. Totally your call.

JK livin’, everybody.



about 15 years ago

I cannot wait to see the video.  I anticipate priceless interactions between the ghosts of girlfriends past folks and X-Men/Wolverine fans.  The environment is rife for hilarious nerdery and improv hi-jinx.  COngrats on meeting your goal, by the way.


about 15 years ago

Wildgoose's point about interactions reminds me of when I came out of the theater after having seen Schindler's List and found the lobby full of people waiting to see the midnight showing of Faces of Death. That was uncomfortable.


about 15 years ago

Either Barrett is making up a funny story, or that is the creepiest thing of all time.


about 15 years ago

duluth is famous!


about 15 years ago

I wasn't making that up. True story.


about 15 years ago

Wolverine I mean. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past was choice.

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