April 2009 Posts

Sacred Heart Experimental Tuesday

Sacred Heart Music Center

* 7 p.m. – Tim Kaiser

* 8 p.m. – Rivulets

* 9 p.m. – Sight Like December


UMD has to step it up a notch…

DinkyTown riots

May 2nd Campaign Rally & Dance – Robert Wagner for City Council – District 2

‘Thrilla’ – Dance event and campaign rally for Robert Wagner – District 2 City Councilor Candidate
‘A New Outlook on City Government’

Vote Rob Wagner for City Councilor - District 2

Vote Spud!


I spotted this sign along Wisconsin Highway 13 between Ashland and Mellen a few weeks ago, right before the spring elections in Wisconsin.

I got a kick out of so many things about the sign – the use of “Spud” as the primary name, the (afterthought?) addition of “AKA Ryan Collins,” the use of scrap wood and (probably) leftover purple paint, nailing the sign right on a tree trunk… Small-town, north woods campaigning at its best. Well, except for that whole nailing to a tree trunk thing. I’m not a big fan of that.

Apparently Spud won a seat on the town board (scroll to the bottom). Godspeed, Spud – I hope you serve the Town of White River well.

Help out at Homegrown!

Hey beautiful Duluthians! Homegrown ’09 starts tomorrow and we still need volunteers to help staff doors. Our biggest need is for Homegrown Friday. If you can help email Jen at [email protected]

Poetry Month Finales

Today, Saturday, April 25th: 3-5pm Reading and Reception for Duluth-Area High School Poets! Listen to emerging voices, help yourself to some free refreshments and chat about poetry! Mitchel Hall Auditorium, free and open to the public. One of Jim Johnson’s Duluth Poet Laureate initiatives!

Spirit Lake Poetry Series 7:30pm Anishinaabe poet, Al Hunter, will read from his two books of poetry (and maybe more!) Spirit Horses and Recklessness of Love. Reading is at Somers Lounge at St. Scholastica – free and open to the public, refreshments to follow!

Monday, April 27th, as part of the Arts Night in the Homegrown Music Festival, Devin McKinnon will be hosting a poetry showcase with the Cosmic Pit Orchestra serving as house band. A really great lineup of tremendous talent – you won’t want to miss! 8pm at Teatro Zuccone!

And since there were people unable to make the contemporary poetry discussion with Ryan Vine, I wrote up a summary of the talk: Poetry Talk at Norlight Lit Life

Happy Last Days of Poetry Month!

Bob’s Basement Sale 3: The Blowout

My basement + tons of vintage clothes(and knick knacks I’m getting rid of cuz I’m moving this week) + Saturday, 10-4 + fresh-squeezed lemonade + (your snarky comment here)= My final attempt to get people to come buy my cool stuff. Hopefully, persistence pays off.

For the Little People: The mysterious miniature village on Madeline Island

I used to always hear stories about a mysterious fairy village on Madeline Island. Supposedly someone built an entire little village out in the woods somewhere. Every time I’m on the island, I bike down a fire lane or back road I’ve never been on before hoping to take a peek, but I’ve never found it.

Has anyone actually seen it and can attest to its existence?

Duluth’s Piper Building

Mysterious Surveyor Type Outside Piper Building

When I was growing up my mom used to take us to the St. Vincent DePaul store in this building, next to our church, Sacred Heart, which was still a place of worship in those days.

Indoor Golf Outing: Reading and Book signing at Northern Prints Gallery

Phil Fitzpatrick will read from and sign copies of his new book, A Beautiful Friendship: The Joy of Chasing Bogey Golf on Sunday, April 26 from 3-4:30 pm at the Northern Prints Gallery, 318 N. 14th Avenue E across from Burrito Union.

Koo Koo Kanga Roo

Koo Koo Kanga Roo

Koo Koo Kanga Roo is a musical duo from the Twin Cities. They promise to get the crowd involved in their choreographed dances and sing-along choruses and typically described as the Beastie Boys meets Sesame Street. Koo Koo will be performing this Wednesday, April 29th along side local Duluth rock trio, The Real McCoys.

The Event will take place in the Rafters on the University of Minnesota Duluth Campus at 9 pm

FREE for UMD students/$5 Non-UMD

Check out the Late Night Kirby website for more details www.d.umn.edu/kirby/latenight

Koo Koo Kanga Roo / The Real McCoys

Homegrown’s Experimental Tuesday

Blue Crab Homegrown Flyer

Shana David at the Blue Crab, Tuesday April 28 

Homegrown’s Experimental Night

9:00 – 9:20 Original Tunez, piano, vocals and cuteness

9:20 – 9:25 Quick break

9:25 – 9:45  Michael Jackson Mini-Set

Cheeeeeck it out!  Click on the creepy pic and then scroll down for more info on Shana D.

Spreading seeds

Say.. does anyone have one of those grass seed/lawn aerator/spreader thingambobs I could borrow for a week sometime in the next month or so? We are slowly trying to convert our lawn to almost exclusively clover and one of those would totally rock.

Please and thanks.

Duluth-area Auto Salvage


For the benefit of the general public, I’m sharing the results of today’s research project, entitled Which Junkyard Will Take My Useless Old Car and What Will They Give Me For It?

There are several places that will take your car if you strip the gas tank off, drain all the fluids, etc.

If you want someone to take it as is, the closest place to Duluth is Calvary Auto & Salvage in the Rice Lake Township (4825 Rice Lake Road | 723-1294).

A little farther away is Chesney Auto Salvage in the Fredenberg Township (6250 Beaver River Road | 721-4874).

Both offered $50 for my 1990 Ford Taurus, on the conditions that I deliver it to them and bring the title.

old Mac cord?

My old mac cord (non-magnetic) gave it up. Does anyone have an old one they’d be willing to sell cheap? I’m in a pickle – once the battery goes on this, I’m done.
[email protected]