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Chem-Trails over Duluth. Show the kids!

Large chemtrail over Duluth threatening to obliterate the sun. Picture taken from 4th Street 04.16.09.

Here we have a small jet crossing back and forth over the central hillside/downtown area. The trails behind this jet are not to be mistaken as “Con-trails”!

Con-trails in warm weather will dissipate immediately if they are even visible at all.  Who knows, maybe it is just white flour to excite the chattering class … bring out the weirdos, know what I mean. Perhaps entertainment or to mess up our eyes as we repeatedly look toward the sun. Do you suppose they are disabling our pineal glands, disrupting our inherent clairvoyant abilities? Will I wake up tomorrow with an arm growing out of my ass? I hope not, but in a strange way, I do. View an essay.