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Ted Marti at Hell’s Kitchens


Ted Marti, President of Schell’s Brewing and August Schell’s great-great-grandson will be at Hell’s Kitchen Thursday (Aug 6th) night from 7:30-9:30. We will be featuring Roggenbier, the latest in the Schell’s 150th Anniversary Series. We will also have their Firebrick and light beers on tap. Ted is a living link to Minnesota
history and has devoted his life to carrying forward one of this state’s oldest institutions. He is also a really nice guy.

Hell’s Kitchen 310 Lake Ave S. Duluth, MN 218 727 1620

Summit Horizon Red

We’ll have a sneak preview of Minnesota’s newest beer, Summit Horizon Red, at Hell’s Kitchen around five tonight. This isn’t a special event or anything, just a heads up for the beer geeks out there.


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Wikipedia: Anti-tobacco movement in Nazi Germany

Bell’s Beer Dinner at Hell’s Kitchen


We will be doing a Bell’s beer dinner on March 4th at 7 pm. It will
be $45 a seat prepay only, gratuity extra. Seats can be reserved by
visiting or calling the Duluth Hell’s Kitchen. We will also be
offering buy 4 get 1 special on the seats. There will be a limit of
forty seats. Jason Gillum of Bell’s Brewing will be on hand to answer

Dinner Name: “Untamed Beer Dinner” The idea is that the wild game
and beer are both untamed.

courses as follows–
1 & 2. Winter White & Porter- cheese and meats for the pre-hour for people when they arrive

3. 1st Course: Wild Game Stew—Third Coast Old Ale

4. 2nd Course: Smoked Duck— Consecrator Doppelbock

5. 3rd Course: (Entree) Roasted Pheasant—Two Hearted (Cask)

6. 4th Course: (Intermezzo) Northwood’s Spring Rolls—Lager of the Lakes

7. 5th Course: (Desert) Chocolate Stout Cake—Expedition Stout (draft)

8. Toast: Hopslam (draft)

We will be set up to accept reservations for this after 4pm today (feb 12)

Hell’s Kitchen 310 S Lake Ave (218) 727-1620