Help a UMDuluth student be less broke

Hey a friend of mine/coworker at UMD is competing in a beauty contest of sorts that could win her 5 grand.  She’s a hard working kid that went to school here in Duluth.  It’d be great if you could go and vote for Keely!!!   We all know how five grand could help a poor college student.


Dan E.

about 15 years ago

Sweet Fancy Moses...she's got my vote.  Think it was the not-so-buttoned down blue top that did it. are smokin'!


about 15 years ago

Good lord. Um, I'll be in the bathroom for a few minutes.


about 15 years ago

Kristie is way hotter.


about 15 years ago

godex003: I think your post has sufficiently illustrated that it is not a beauty contest, it is a popularity contest. Unfortunately for Kelly, UMD vs. Penn State isn't much of a fair match up.


about 15 years ago

Looks like some people need to spend less time taking compromised pictures of themselves in the mirror and more time studying!  BTW, Minnesota girl is much more appealing.


about 15 years ago

Can you vote negative?

I vote the irrational number i for that Keely person.  Oops, that statement may have been a double entendre.

Crazy egos.


about 15 years ago

Keely lost :(  Fortunately, she can hold her head high because she was pretty much the only one who didn't have skanky pictures of themeselves.

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